How to connect a PS4 Controller to iMac or Macbook Pro

There have been howls of protests for the Apple community about my article How to connect Xbox One Controller to any Computer or Laptop on connecting the very popular Microsoft Xbox One Controller to the Computer.

This is because in that article, I’d said “any Computer or Laptop”, which wasn’t entirely true, as the Driver included at the end of the article only works for PC. What therefore, must the Apple iMac or Apple Macbook Pro do to connect a USB Controller, such as the PS4 Controller to their computer?


However, their protests are unfounded as the Mac OS already provides support for a variety of USB Controllers, even connecting to them via Bluetooth. Many fans of my blog MICO Wars would have already known this as they would have read my article on connecting USB Game Controllers to their Apple iMac or Apple Macbook Pro to play ROM’s using the Front End software OpenEmu.

So I’ve decided to deal with the special case of connecting a PS4 Controller to an Apple iMac or Apple Macbook Pro.

As per that article on MICO Wars, before you start connecting any USB Game Controller to your Apple iMac or Apple Macbook Pro, make sure that you disconnect your Playstation 4 from your Apple computer. This is to avoid accidentally waking up your gaming console while you synchronize the new device to your Apple iMac or Apple Macbook Pro.

The Steps are simple an easy to follow:

  1. Click the Apple icon in the top-left corner of the desktop
  2. Click System Preferences in the drop-down menu
  3. Select the Bluetooth panel
  4. Click Turn Bluetooth On
  5. Simultaneously press and hold the PlayStation and Share buttons on the PS4 Controller

At this point the PS4 Controller light bar will begin to blink rapidly. If your Apple iMac or Apple Macbook Pro utilizes Mac OS X Mavericks or later, the PS4 Controller should appear beneath the Devices list in the Bluetooth panel.

If however, you have an older version of Mac OS then you’ll need to click Add Device and search for the PS4 Controller. Once you find it, click on it and enter “0000” as the password to complete the connection.

Have fun playing Console Games on your Apple iMac or Apple Macbook Pro!



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