How Spotify’s playlist and song sharing in FB Messenger challenges Apple Music

Facebook Messenger is becoming more useful by the day as they plot to take over your smartphone as I’d predicted in How Facebook Messenger will replace your smartphone in 2016.

How Spotify's playlist sharing in FB Messenger challenges Apple Music (2)

Now it’s possible for users to share songs or playlists directly within Messenger from Spotify. This was already possible via email, Facebook and WhatsApp, so Messenger is the latest battleground for Spotify’s ongoing music War with Apple Music.

All while being serenaded by pizza coupon bearing chess playing chatbots as predicted in How FB Messenger Ads means Chess playing Chatbots with Fast Food Coupons.

How to share Spotify playlists and songs in Facebook Messenger 

To enable this feature is quite simple:

  1. Go to the “more” tab in Facebook Messenger
  2. Send your playlists to your Facebook Messenger friends

Your friends will then click directly on a link that takes them to the Spotify app on their phones, so they have to also have Spotify pre-installed.

How Spotify's playlist sharing in FB Messenger challenges Apple Music

Apple iOS and Google Android support this feature, so Apple Music, now 10 million paid subscribers strong, has some catching up to do.

Now all they have to do is make Messenger a little lighter on its feet, as it’s a processor and memory hog as pointed out in How to stop Facebook and Messenger from draining your battery.

Folks,stay tuned, as Facebook has more things in store for Messenger come April 2016 when their F8 Developers Conference kicks off.

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