How SMART Signage made Samsung the center of attention at IFA 2015

“As the retail and business marketplaces become increasingly crowded, high-performing display technologies can offer companies a significant advantage by enhancing their ability to efficiently deliver striking content. At IFA 2015, we are excited to demonstrate how our advanced SMART Signage display technologies create new opportunities for businesses, enabling them to transform content delivery and meet the changing engagement demands of their most critical audiences.”

Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, Seok-gi Kim, commenting on the SMART Signage portfolio of products on display at the IFA Trade Show in Berlin, Germany

The IFA Trade Show in Berlin, Germany, which is being held from Friday September 4th 2015 to Wednesday September 9th 2015, was the place to be seen the best all the great gadgets that would soon adorn your Christmas tree.

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Every appliance and gadget imaginable was there, from washing machines that could take on additional loads mid cycle to the much-anticipated budget smartphones with cool new features.

As expected, the OEM’s had smartwatches on display, all vying to beat the Apple Watch alledged 4 million strong lead. Included in that lineup was the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 as promised in How Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Note 5 Keyboard Cover Nostalgia wins Applause.

Samsung was no exception, as they also came and put on a show, Britney Spears style at Booth 101 at City Cube Hall B, Messe Berlin in Berlin, Germany.

They not only brought the with the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 smartwatch but other products such as an Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player, Multi-room speakers R1, R3 and R5, an AddWash Internet connected Washing machine as well as a Samsung Sleepsense Sleep tracker.

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All this on display was a part of Samsung’s vision of IoT (Internet of Things) in the interconnected home of the future. A grand part of their business vision that was literally on display was their SMART Signage portfolio of products. Designed to enhance the customer and employee experience by making an impact through stylish visualizations, their lineup included many different display solutions:

  • Indoor and outdoor LED signage
  • Ergonomic business monitors
  • Television-and-signage-hybrid displays

Attendees at the Samsung Galaxy Booth at City Cube Hall B, Messe Berlin in Berlin, Germany saw clearly how Samsung used their Signage to their advantage to showcase their new products.

How SMART Signage made Samsung the center of attention at IFA 2015 (3)

Customer will certainly want to utilize their SMART Signage to also make themselves the center of attention and woo more customers to make that decision to purchase their products and services.

Here’s the link:

CNET’s IFA 2015 Report

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