How Schneider Electric and Cisco partnership is a Network Infrastructure CAPP

“Superlative technology partner companies like Cisco, recognized in the industry by analysts and customers alike, bring advanced capabilities to our customers and contribute to helping us build complete and robust solutions for those customers”

Schneider Electric CAP Program Deployment Director, Loic Regnier, commenting on the partnership between Schneider Electric and CISCO

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, had announced a partnership with worldwide leader in networking, Cisco on June 30th 2015.

How Schneider Electric and Cisco partnership is the perfect CAPP for Network Infrastructure

This partnership brings advanced networking and control system technologies to their customers, with their combined strength making them a teams of choice! Cisco is focused on helping transform industrial customers by connecting people, processes, data and things. Schneider Electric will leverage the proven technologies from Cisco to help deliver its enhanced industrial automation solutions.

Welcoming Cisco to the Schneider Electric CAPP (Collaborative Automation Partner Program) provides the platform needed to offer the company’s state-of-the-art industrial networking technology to Schneider Electric customers in more than 200 countries. Schneider Electric and Cisco both share the philosophy of driving technological solutions to address specific customer challenges.

So naturally, both companies welcome the benefits of this partnership.

Schneider Electric and Cisco – Partnership of Network Infrastructure designers of choice

Many Schneider Electric customers already use Cisco technology. In fact, some IT departments require the implementation of Cisco technology as a standard across the enterprise, including the industrial network.

Companies who rely on Cisco for industrial network connectivity can achieve network resiliency using Cisco technologies including:

  • Rapid ring recovery
  • Link redundancy
  • Link aggregation
  • Rapid failover

The superior value delivered to common industrial customers by this partnership can be demonstrated in a recent customer case.

A major metallurgical coal miner located in the Bowen Basin in Queensland, Australia was commissioned in 2014. They were constructed to be one of the most productive, sustainable and highly performing metallurgical coal mines in the world. They selected Schneider Electric to supply an advanced technology solution for a new operation that produces metallurgical coal for the steel industry.

The company’s operation relies on a substantial foundation of technologies from Cisco and Schneider Electric with control of the fixed plant entrusted to Schneider Electric systems, while the process control network depends on proven technologies from Cisco.

So this a partnership for the future as Cisco and Schneider Electric are Network Infrastructure designers of choice!

Here’s the link:

Schneider Electric and Cisco partner to build resilient control system networks



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