How Samsung’s Top 7 Christmas Gift List can make Christmas unforgettable

Samsung’s wide line of consumer products has a gift to suit the pickiest of persons on your Christmas list. Trust me folks, the 21st Century is a great time to be alive!

These gadgets practically take care of themselves and you; smartphones that detect UV radiation so you don’t get sunburn, Tablets and smartphone with resolution so crisp you swear the images were real.

Then there are wristwatches that can make phone calls and keep you healthy, slammin’ headphones with great fidelity for all your various musical genres. when you wish to unwind in your Den like a real Jamaican Lion with your lioness, there’s cured UHDTV’s that just “wow” you with their amazing depth perception, ovens and refrigerators that makes sure you aren’t wearing anything that’s out-of-date or bad for your health.

Samsung’s got tech treasure to fill your gift-giving Stocking or chest, and yes, they’ve even got the kitchen sink thrown in for good measure! Elegant style and premium design that resplendent in Samsung’s products as they help you to spread little Christmas cheer with products that they won’t sell or throw away when 2015 rolls around!

So, what products am I talking about exactly? It’s my first of what I’d like to call my Samsung Top 7 Christmas Gift List when I pick the best of the best that Samsung has to offer right here in Jamaica so you can buy your loved on a great gift without breaking the bank and not fret that they’ll gift it away because they don’t want it! 

Galaxy S5 Mini – Because your Kids need a smartphone that’s Cool

Yes, in the smartphone category, the kid-friendly 4.5” Galaxy S5 Mini that’s packin’ a 1.4 GHz HD Quad Core Processor and 1.5GB RAM memory is exactly what they need. Did I forget to mention the super cool Samsung GALAXY Apps with its many games and application as I’d penned in my ditty Samsung Electronics Launches Samsung GALAXY Apps or the fact that it sports a digital fingerprint scanner?

Realistically, they’ll not notice that, as those specs are par for course for all of the Galaxy Line.

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The real deal here is the Gorilla Glass Super AMOLED display coupled with Power Saving Mode for improved battery life; guaranteed to keep them immobile in the back of the car instead of chiming in every minute “Are we there yet?”. That Gorilla may be extinct in the wild, but on your phone it’s near indestructible and with P67 Certification, it can take a slight dunking in the Rain. You’ll never see a happier child – or a happier parent knowing that they can’t destroy this one so fast! 

Galaxy Note 4 is how Adults wish their bosses or their significant other “Merry Christmas”

Looking to get your boss a gift…..or just your tech savvy husband? The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has the Style and S Pen Stylus to please the man in your life who like big things for his big hands as I’d hinted in my article Arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – a Selfie-Themed Affair.

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He’ll love that 5.7” Quad HD (2560×1440) Super AMOLED display and the face-aware 16 Megapixel Rear-Facing Camera with automatic HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Smart Optical Image Stabilizer that’ll make him look years younger. The Galaxy Note 4 is made for selfies, as even the 3.7 Megapixel front-facing Camera takes pictures with a 120º viewing angle, so you can EVERYONE in that Christmas postcard shot! 

Galaxy Tab S is great for the Chef of Staff in your Kitchen

I was really impressed by the Samsung Galaxy Tab S on display at Samsung’s Product Launch Party held at their Samsung Experience Store on Thursday October 16th 2014, which I totally loved as per my report in Samsung Launches quartet of Note-worthy Products to Tab into the Gear S Alpha in all Jamaicans.

I wasn’t too please with its product placement, but I at least like the fact that Samsung had the presence of mind to have both the 10.5” and 8.4” Samsung Galaxy Tab S Tablets at their product launch, both of which sport equally gorgeous WQXGA Super AMOLED that deliver near-photo realistic images as per my gushing in the article 10.5” and 8.4” Samsung Galaxy Tab S Tablets are Solid Tablet Products.

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Dears, the best place for their products is in the Kitchen, where the Adaptive Display, that auto-adjusts gamma, saturation, and sharpness, terms that sound like cool cooking vocabulary that roll off the rolling pin and you wish you knew where to buy them. Colour Temperature and the 100,000-to-1 contrast ratio is the obvious manifestation of the above, as cooler colours make for better, gentle-on-the-eyes visual experience for the Chief Chef of Staff in your Kitchen reading that Recipe they’re cooking while watching the latest episode of Scandal! 

Samsung’s Ultra High Definition Curved TV makes 3D UHD Videos Games Rock

Time out on Christmas day, as your family will gasp with delight, jumping up and down and all over the cushions, bed and chairs when they see what you got the whole family for Christmas; a curved 78″ U9000 Series 4K Television, the first UHDTV (Ultra High Definition Television).

The U9000 Series 4K Television was the first ever to kiss the shores of our beautiful country that was launched at the Mona Visitor’s Lodge at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus on Tuesday September 2nd 2014 as per my aptly titled yellow notepad dictum Samsung unveils their First Curved Ultra High Definition TV, the U9000 Series at Mona Visitors Lodge.

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Curved screen are great for immersive viewing and panoramic shots of 4K Content from any angle. But with 3D and Samsung’s UHDTV powers combined, Captain Planet, that totally immersive experience with its rich pallette of millions of colours that you’re eyes cannot see muchless your brain to appreciate.

But you’ll appreciate the high refresh rate and the unique Samsung’s One Connect Box that’s out of the way when you and the boys settle in to watch ESPN’s NFL in 3D (when and if it comes to Jamaica!), play 3D UHD Video Games like Borderlands 2, BioShock Infinite or even The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim or cozy up with wifey at night to watch some great Adult Movies where every hair and nipple is accentuated in glorious, high definition detail. 

Samsung Level Box Allows you to take the Party wherever you are

This one is for your kids, to be sure. But it’s great for family outings, especially when you forgot to carry the speakers ……and the Boombox with the music and you don’t want to run down the Car batteries playing your good Harman Kardon Stereos you just installed.

Samsung Level Box is really for those streaming music lovers in your life who love Bluetooth-everything as pointed out in Apple patents Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds as Wireless Bluetooth Speakers take Flight. Streaming anything with a NFC (Near Field Communications) tap from your Samsung Galaxy smartphone including your favorite Serial Podcast or Hunger Games: The Mockingjay Amazon Audibles Audio Book in Hi-Fi Crystal-clear clarity.

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Burnished Aluminium hidden behind black woodpanel-esque plastic and a Surround Sound-centric Grille design complemented by a replaceable rechargeable battery makes this the ultimate companion for any Beach outing or Quiet time, allowing you to bring the Party or the Poetry with you for other to enjoy…even if you forgot to carry everything else except the Red Stripe Beer! 

Samsung Level the Vibes with Level Over Bluetooth, Level On on-ear Headphones and Level In earbuds

Samsung’s premium line of Headphones is sure to please the audiophile in your life, be it your husband and his spanking new US$900 Marantz SR5009 Home Theatre A-V Receiver or your children now running amok and fighting over who gets to listen to music on their Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini smartphones using the noisemaker of a Samsung Level Box you purchased for them to share.

Samsung level headphones1

But they can’t share, as they’re kids and your husband is a really big kid, polluting your inner sanctum with noise. So quiet them down this Christmas with a nice pair of premium line Samsung headphones and earbuds. Specifically the Level Over Bluetooth headphones with Noise Cancelling for your husband with their soft premium material that’s gentle on your ears while allowing you to roam around the house in his own little world yet allows him to answer calls and adjust music with just a swipe of their angelic finger on the earpiece.

The lightweight Level On on-ear speakers is also great for those kids at play as the custom-fitted ultra-soft ear cushions feel as great as they sound. Finally pamper yourself by swapping the kids for their Level On on-ear speakers in exchange for some less expensive 15.7 grams Level In earbuds with those oh so comfy ultra-soft memory foam gels with dynamic three-way speaker system. They’ll realize that it’s all about that bass and midrange tones as you relax, sublime, in your own world after cooking Christmas dinner using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S Tablet. 

Samsung Covers – Because your smartphone is naked and needs clothes too

Think those Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone you gave the kids will last beyond Christmas with all that running about, jumping on the sofa and playing outside under the coconut tree, with those Level In earbuds stuck in their ears? Spread love by covering their smartphones with unique yet functional accessories by Moschino. Because yes, your smartphone do need clothing and protection from the elements as noted in my article How to make your own Cleaning Fluid and Cleaning Tips for your Smartphone or Tablet.

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There’s even a special special-edition Heart Flip Wallet Cover that’s water resistant while enhancing your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini with water resistant capabilities. Credit Cards, Debit Cards and your Driver’s license can ride shotgun with your smartphone as it protects the screen and keeps water out. Auto Wake/Sleep function enable the control of your smartphone power when the cover is closed, creating easy-access to the phone’s features.

Sounds a bit bulky, though and I’d not advise you carry the Credit and Debit Card, as the EM (Electromagnetic Field) of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini might wipe them clean. Still, folks, this a great way to say you love them, but you don’t trust them to not smash their gifts to bits with a falling coconut by leaving it outside or worse, to become a chew toy for the dog or for the rain to dampen its electronic spirit.

Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerators coming soon for efficient See-Food Lovin’ Family

To round things off, the Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerators is the gift that’ll you’ll have to buy next year 2015 after the heady holiday period of Christmas. Its innovative two-door system allows instant access to your faves and can encourage your kids to eat healthy by making healthy eating options the most easily accessible items.

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The InnerCase stores larger, fresh food items making the rest of your family get in and out in a flash, saving you power and giving you peace of mind. Not much to tell on this futuristic product save to say it’s roomy, ergonomically organized and your kids food cannot disappear – unless someone else ate their oatmeal cookies.

So from me to your family, this is my Samsung Top 7 Christmas Gift List for 2014. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2015, the Year of the Sheep, when it comes!

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