How Samsung’s Multiroom App Controls your Wireless Speakers

Samsung, apparently not satisfied with the Multiroom App, has decided to step it up a notch, Dragon Ball Z Style!

The App that allows you to control playlists on other Samsung Devices, is now available on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone, which launched in Jamaica on Friday April 24th 2015 as chronicled in The Future is Now as Samsung Galaxy S6 launches in Jamaica.

That’s right!

The Multiroom App turns your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and any Google Android or Apple iPhone into a virtual walking Boombox, allowing you to take control of your Samsung speaker in any room in the house, Iron Man Style.


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Also available on Apple iOS, Multiroom App turns your smartphone into a Music Remote Control, giving the user full control of their Musical Experience, making this App the One Ring to Rule them All, Lord of the Rings Style!

So what’s new under the hood of the Multiroom App?! Plenty of control ……. 

Samsung Multiroom App – Control the Music and speakers in your Home from your Home Screen

When the Multiroom App is launched, it instantly turns your home screen into a Music player, with instant access to your Custom playlists and the core functions of this amazin’ App. The Multiroom App also features a widget that allows the user to launch the Music player directly from the home screen without having to access the App’s Main Interface all the time.

Samsung has thrown in a psychedelic twist, with the App swirling and changing colour to match the mood and tempo of the Music, an aesthetic touch that’s sure to delight the eyes as the Musical experience teases the heart.

The new and improved Multiroom App now sports a Central Wheel Dial for easier navigation of your Music stored on other devices. Those other devices, such as your smartphones, Laptop or Cloud Storage Drives, once connected to your home Wi-Fi, are indexed and made searchable via the Universal Search function.

Good to note here that computers will need to install separate Samsung software to make them searchable using the Multiroom App. Once this is done, not only will you be able to find your Music scattered across different Wi-Fi connected devices much more easily, but you’ll also notice that editing, deleting and changing  your custom Music playlists is much easier via the Multiroom App. 

Samsung connects your Speakers – Zones of Musical Bliss on Mother’s Day

The real technical marvel of the Multiroom App is its ability to control Wi-Fi-connected speakers, such as the very tres chic Samsung Panoramic WAM7500 and WAM6500 Speakers that popped up during CES 2015 as parlayed in my ditty Samsung Panoramic WAM7500 and WAM6500 Speakers with Curved Soundbars at CES 2015.

Speakers, once connected to your home Wi-Fi Network or to a device that’s Bluetooth connected your smartphone using that Home Wi-Fi Network, are sniffed out and mapped by this wondrous organizer of an App and made available to suit your every Music whim and fancy. Not only can you access them and play Music store on any device to any set of speakers.

Surprisingly, the App also allows you play different songs on different speakers at the same time. This means some interesting variations are possible. Time to use your imagination on this Mother’s Day!

Let’s say the family decided to pop over for Mother’s Day! Your cousins visiting for the Mother’s Day weekend can stream their favourite Reggae and Dancehall Music Album from their Samsung Galaxy Alpha A3 and A5 as detailed in Samsung Galaxy A5 and A3 – Selfie-Taking Fraternal Twins.

Meanwhile, your wife is ensconced in Classical Music in the Kitchen trying to teach her daughter how to bake a warm moist Pull-Apart Garlic Bread with Mozzarella Cheese. She’s streaming the music from her 8.4” Samsung Galaxy Tab S Tablet as described in 10.5” and 8.4” Samsung Galaxy Tab S Tablets are Solid  Tablet Products while using a recipe she found online.

While all that’s going on, your unpleasant Mother-in-Law can be treated to some Nina Simone or Ella Fitzgerald while she’s being entertained in the Living room or Sitting room, out of your hair. The kids too, avoiding Granny upstairs in their rooms, can also play their own Music on their Samsung Level Speakers that you gave them for Christmas  as noted in How Samsung’s Top 7 Christmas Gift List can make Christmas unforgettable in their rooms.

These Samsung Level Speakers are Bluetooth connected to their Samsung Galaxy Alpha S5 smartphone that you’d purchased for them from the Samsung Experience Store back in October as noted in Samsung Galaxy Alpha’s Metallic Band as Wearables will shrink 5-inch smartphones.

Finally, you can continue enjoying that BBC Serial Podcast you just recently downloaded on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as beautifully described in Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge at MWC 2015 coming to Mash up Jamaica, with all of your family their little Zones of Music, happily enjoying themselves, their pleasure at your fingertips to control.

Best of all, this clever App to rule all your speakers is free for all Google Android and Apple iPhones, not just Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, as Google is spreading the love this Mother’s Day. Just hop on over to the Samsung Galaxy App Store as described in Samsung Electronics Launches Samsung GALAXY Apps  as well as the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.

Here’s the link:

MultiRoom App on Apple iTunes Store

MultiRoom App on Google Play Store

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