How Samsung’s helps you to say I Love You this Valentine’s Day

Technology unites us in many ways. It allows us to share our greatest moments with our loved ones and helps us keep them near to us.

How Samsung's helps you to say I Love You this Valentine’s Day

Samsung’s award winning products as listed in How Samsung won 100 Innovation Awards at CES 2016 are capable of creating wonderful love environments, transform our sexual routine in fun playtimes and take us out of our comfort zone to the endzone of love giving your Valentine the ultimate gift: your love.

So with Valentine’s Day coming up, here are some Samsung products that’ll help you to say “I Love You” to your special Valentine!

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: So that no memory is overlooked

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus was the gift for Christmas 2015 as romantically elucidated in How the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is Jamaica’s smartphone Christmas Present.

This was thanks to features like Live Broadcast giving the user the ability to send instant Full HD Video footage real-time to anyone via YouTube Live. Then there is Video Collage mode, to be able to film and edit short videos with different tools and effects.

The 4K capable advanced Video camera system allows you to share your largest and smallest achievements whenever you’d like.

The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will be ready when you are, able to charge completely in approximately 90 minutes and wirelessly in just 120 minutes, while having the best screen technology, allowing you to enjoy each content in a very special way.

It’s minimal and elegant design with an incredibly powerful processor is more reason enough to make the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus the gift everyone wants to receive this Valentine’s Day.

Galaxy Note 5: Long Live Imagination!

Allow your thoughts to register in a different way with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 another highly recommended produced as crooned in Six reasons to get a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Note 5 this Christmas.

Launched around the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus as per my lovely ditty How Next is Now for launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus in Jamaica, the Note 5 places a powerful tool in your hands that will allow you to draw on photos. You can also take quickly notes at any time and place, even if the screen is off.

It also fires up your creative engines, allowing you to make your own digital album as lovingly penned in How to take High Quality Photographs with the Samsung Galaxy S6 as well as do many things at once.

The Galaxy Note 5 includes the new S pen designed to help you do your work with improved writing functionality and a variety of practical tools. The Note 5 is the perfect gift for your Valentine who’s looking to increase their productivity, nourish their creativity and make a difference with an elegant and powerful smart phone.

Samsung Gear S2: What everyone wants

Your Valentine will love the idea of being able to communication in an elegant way with the Samsung Gear S2, a smartphone on your wrist as per my sultry ode to love in Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 has Tizen OS powered Samsung Pay Winning Potential.

Its versatile circle design, intuitive and customizable interface and advanced features make this the smartwatch to rock on your Valentine’s wrist. With essential functions available at the simple twist of the bezel, allowing you to flit effortlessly between mails, fly over maps map or switch song selections. It also doubles as a S health monitor, able to monitor your daily activities, heart rate and even water and caffeine consumption.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear shows your sweet baboo, Charlie Brown Style, how much you love him or her by helping them to improve their health.

Gear VR: Give the gift of a different experience

What if, while sitting on your couch, you explore a whole new world, Aladdin Style?

Samsung has made virtual reality, a reality with Samsung Gear VR as elegantly sashayed in US$99 Samsung Gear VR in November 2015 is a fanboy’s VR Dream.

It’s a unique US$99 gift with true 360-degree VR that total immerses you in the virtual environment. You’ll need a Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 Edge, S6 and S6 Edge making them also great gifts to explore the AMOLED VR world.

The new quilted design makes it comfortable to use with an improved “touchpad” to ensure greater control. Movies are made better as the content selection of movies, games, 360 videos and other types of experiences  make this a thrifty yet fun gift that your Valentine….. if they have a sense of adventure… will virtually appreciate.

SUHD TV: With the colors of life

Finally, rounding off the list is the Samsung SUHD TV, which was also a great gift to recommend for Christmas 2015 as erotically parlayed in How Samsung SUHD TV, Gear VR and Level On Pro are great Christmas gifts.

The promise of providing the best image quality for home has been fulfilled and is among the ten things that makes the Samsung SUHD TV line a very good present as seductively listed in How 10 Things make Samsung’s SUHD TV special this Christmas.

The SUHD Samsung TV becomes the centre of family entertainment and dazzles with its impressive brightness, exceptional contrast and hyper-realistic colors that’s made Samsung the innovator in the SUHD TV revolution as flashed through What Does TV Mean to You and the Samsung SUHD Revolution.

The new Tizen OS comes bristling with smart features such as Samsung’s Smart Hub that allows you to control all your content from your smart TV as melodically tuned in Samsung’s Smart Hub puts you in control of your Home Entertainment.

But to me, the ultimate use for the SUHD TV is to be able to control all of the devices in your home, IoT style avoiding strange situations with your wife and mother-in-law as explained in How Samsung’s SmartThings Platform makes CES 2016 SUHD TV’s IoT Ready.

Truly, Samsung products will save Valentine’s Day by giving you so many options to please your significant other that say, in a technology centric way, that “I Love You”.





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