How Kidoodle.TV makes Digicel Play the Talk on Children’s Playgrounds

“This innovative integration of such an advanced app into our ecosystem is an exciting next step in enabling our customers to access opportunities for positive growth and quality entertainment through our connected services”

Digicel Play CEO for the Caribbean and Central America, John Suranyi commenting on their deal with A Parent Media Co Inc (APMC) to bring Kidoodle.TV® to Digicel Play

Digicel has pretty much satisfied every sports fanatic that out there in Cable TV land with their Digicel Play service.

It’s not only competitive with FLOW Jamaica and dishes out the super fast Broadband Internet over Fiber Optic, but it’s also laden with sports content from Digicel SportsMax as proclaimed in How Digicel Play will spread the Gospel of Fiber Optic this Christmas.

How Kidoodle.TV makes Digicel Play the Talk on Children's Playgrounds

So while you’ll find it hard to leave the house, what about the kiddies? Digicel must have realized this, which is why they signed a deal with A Parent Media Co Inc (APMC) to bring Kidoodle.TV® to Digicel Play.

Digicel signs Kidoodle TV – Kids in control of this YouTube-styled Content provider

The kid-friendly entertainment and educational experience isn’t just another Cable TV channel. Parents are in full control of this service that’s a cross between a Cable channel, an App and a YouTube Channel.

Interestingly, it not only includes customizable library of content but also sports a unique one-of-a-kind feature called Family Moments™. This service is the world’s first kids’ SVOD (subscription video-on-demand) platform which allows subscribers to upload family videos and home movies via the App.

How Kidoodle.TV makes Digicel Play the Talk on Children's Playgrounds

The interface allows parents to create custom profiles for a maximum of five (5) children for your family. It’s especially built for the kids but with parents having the ability to decide what content their kids are allows to watch.

Parents have an awful lot of power on the Kidoodle. TV App:

  • Set a Parental Passcode
  • Limit Viewing Times
  • Toggle shows on and off based on title or age range

The bright neon colours appeals to the tech savvy Generation Z children ages 5 to 12, who can access the service on their Apple iPhones or Google Android smartphones! This includes content such as:

  • The Adventures of Chuck and Friends (0 to 2 year olds)
  • My Little Pony (3 to 4 year olds)
  • Bo on the Go (5 to 8 year olds)
  • Transformers Animated (9 to 12 year olds)

So is there a catch to this product that’s Kid’s heaven in an App?

Kidoodle. TV App is not Free – Digicel Mobile Money to the rescue

The Kidoodle. TV App is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store, features a very rich content ecosystem. The convenient 14-day trial will eventually require a Credit Card to activate.

How Kidoodle.TV makes Digicel Play the Talk on Children's Playgrounds

I suspect Digicel may soon solve this with a Mobile Money Integration allowing parents to pay for the service. In the meantime, you can use your Scotia VISA Debit Card or CIBC VISA Debit Card to pay for the subscription as described in How to use Scotia VISA Debit Card Online.

Kidoodle.TV®, via this SVOD, aims to become the YouTube for curated as well as family content, protect by some robust parental controls, of course as pointed out by Digicel Play CEO for the Caribbean and Central America, John Suranyi, quote: “We are also excited to provide parents with the tools to protect their kids’ media experience while incentivising them to engage in education-based consumption and healthy viewing boundaries. Kidoodle.TV provides an exceptional offering”.

Put in simple terms, Caribbean children will now be putting the Broadband Internet to good use, as they can now see themselves becoming movie stars by having their content share the same space alongside other popular children’s programmes.

After all, they probably don’t like sports that much and are possibly not so keen on the superfast Internet, so long as they can check their Facebook posts or YouTube Channels.

But seeing themselves on TV, or rather their smartphone App, to the envy of their friends at School whose parents will probably be ditchin’ FLOW Jamaica for Digicel Play? Priceless!

Here’s the link:

Kidoodle.TV on Google Play

Kidoodle.TV on Apple iTunes Store

Kidoodle TV Website

Kidoodle TV Twitter Account: @kidoodleTV

Kidoodle TV YouTube Account

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