How Flow Jamaica Merry Up Christmas promotion plans to Awaken The Force

“We are very excited to be kicking off this new campaign which incorporates our mission to put our customers as the centre of all we do. As this is the Christmas season, we will be seeking to elevate the feelings of celebration and merrymaking associated by offering the most needed  commodity at this time of year – cash”

Flow Jamaica’s Head of Marketing and Products Carlo Redwood commenting on their “Merry UP Christmas” promotion

On Sunday November 15th 2015 FLOW Jamaica has launched their Merry Up Christmas promotion.

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This was a few days before Digicel had launched their Merry Millions Promotions in which they revealed their Digicel DL910.

As I’d pointed out, this which hints at other models and great sales to come for the DL800 and DL900 as predicted in Digicel DL910 revealed in Merry Millions Promotion.

FLOW’s “Merry UP Christmas” is taking a different tack and is open to new and existing customers, including prepaid and postpaid on landline, mobile, mobile Internet, and cable.

There are five (5) ways to enter:

  • JA$200 or more spent on Prepaid mobile Credit
  • JA$200 or more spent on Prepaid mobile Data
  • JA$200 or more spent on Postpaid mobile Bill paid full and on time
  • JA$200 or more spent on Prepaid mobile Data Bill paid full and on time
  • Upgrade or sign up to a FLOW Cable package

Scope out the hugely popular video and check out their prize offering as per their FLOW YouTube Channel, which has only been active for a week but is gaining traction with some 22,000 plus views over the past two (2) weeks!

Albeit small numbers, that’s a big deal for Jamaica, albeit it [pales in comparison to Digicel’s 43,000 plus views for their Merry Millions Promotions!

Their promotion will last for five weeks and will end a bit too early on Friday December 18th 2015, which coincidentally is the day when Star Wars: the Force Awakens will come to Theatres in the US of A and Jamaica.

My sources have tipped me off and whispered into my ear, telling me of a Star Wars themed promotion on that day involving some Star Wars Toys and Palace Amusement!! More on this when I get more details!

Flow Jamaica Merry Up Christmas promotion – The Force is Strong as sales are coming

I must admit, they promotion is somewhat low key, despite packing more cash awards and prizes. Clearly the name change and now purchase of CWC (Cable and Wireless Communication) by Cable multinational Liberty Global hasn’t dampened their enthusiasm for Christmas and their prize offering makes their plainly obvious.

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Their ad is slick and really heavy on the blue, making me almost think I’m watching a Samsung commercial, as they have multiple product placements in the video. They’ve also upped the ante on Digicel, giving away some JA$7 million weekly with 30 weekly prizes, including:

  • Samsung Curved TVs
  • JA$25,000 cash awards
  • Tablets
  • Mobile phones

That surely will beat Digicel’s Merry Millions Promotions as instead of a Wheel of Fortune, they got a ‘Cash Up Christmas Money grabs’ promo where a Vault full of Cash will be popped open for two (2) athletic individuals to enter to try to grab as much of the money as they can carry.

But it’s the sales that have me excited, as that I can actually participate in and score big. My Call center sources have tipped me off yet again.

They’ve told me to expect a massive sale of FLOW Jamaica smartphones and other goodies come Friday December 4 and every Friday up until Star Wars: The Force Awakens Day.

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Perhaps we’ll see Huawei Y360, Alcatel 7″ Pixie Tablets getting drastic discounts, possibly as lows as JA$1999, they have told me. I suspect Samsung might also be in on this, based on FLOW Jamaica’s promotion of a free Samsung J5 when you subscribe to a Flow FAM Postpaid Plan.

Postpaid, it seems, is becoming cool and is the new Telecom battleground as smartphones are easier to ship down, Jamaican are becoming addicted to Data Services and Data Plans (not to mention free Wi-Fi) are becoming more plentiful.

It’ll be hard to compete against Digicel’s MoreSmart Plans. Also FLOW Jamaica ha a lot of catching up to do as Digicel has already beaten them to the punch with FTTH (Fiber to the home) Cable and blazing fast Broadband Internet in the form of Digicel Play.

Still, if any of my sources are true, then Flow Jamaica is set to Merry Up Christmas in the next five (5) weeks and awaken the Force of Good in us all come Friday December 18th 2015!

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