How FB Messenger Ads means Chess playing Chatbots with Fast Food Coupons

This latest developement with regards to Facebook Messenger doesn’t surprise me at all.

A leaked document from Facebook has revealed that they plan to insert advertising into your Facebook Messenger feed sometime in the Second Quarter of 2016.

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According to the leaked document that Techcrunch received from an anonymous source, the plan is to allow businesses to send ads to people already engage in a conversation with them. This as many companies already use Facebook Messenger as a form of Customer support, making this more of a business move than an attempt to use customer private information to inundate them with random ads.

The documents is also specific, stating that they’d launched a URL short link[Company] for businesses to use to during chats with their clients. Facebook has confirmed what the leaked document to Techcrunch says is true, adding a level of credibility to this report.

Do doubt which we’ll hear more about this at their F8 Developer Conference in April 2016!

So what does Facebook have in mind? Will it involve free Burger King Coupons?

Facebook Messenger Ads – How to businesses will advertise using Facebook’s M virtual assistant

Facebook’s plan to introduce ads comes at a time when Ad blockers are all the rage much to the chagrin of content writers as pointed out in Why the Rise of ad-Blockers is killing free Publisher and App Content.

So Facebook’s push into business Ads with a specific shortened URL may actually be a platform to test out their Facebook’s M virtual assistant chatbot, which would, most likely most of the talking to the customer. Most likely, Facebook plans to allow business access to use their chatbot to talk to clients, with the URL short link[Company] being a way to uniquely identify legitimate advertisements endorsed by Facebook.

After all, you wouldn’t want business advertising their products and services using their own shortened URL services from the competition, such as or, which is already banned on Facebook. Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular, with the Burger King Chatbot on the Kik Messenger, which is built on tech they’d purchased from Blynk and their chatbot Blynk Style.

So long as this isn’t random advertising that pop into your feed like twitter ads, then it’s ok for most users. This is especially true for millennial, who are the main users of social Media on smartphones as noted in American Middle-Income Millennial Minorities love Mobile Internet, as they may welcome the idea of chatting to a bot and getting free coupons for their favourite fast food joints!

I personally love this, as Facebook’s is no longer just a free service but a growing business concern for Big Blue. monetizing it with chatbots, so long as they’re good conversationalists and can play Facebook Chess as noted in How to play the Secret Chess Game in Facebook Messenger along with other games.

In the long terms, getting used to bots, which consists some 61% of all traffic online as I’d pointed out in 61% of all Traffic on the Internet is generated by bots, will also have the double effect of getting millennials hip to the idea of talking to robots as being ok.

This will deepen human-machine relations and ensuring a brighter future for mankind as robots, both physical and software based, are set to take over 50% of our jobs according to UK Chief Economist at the Bank of England, Andy Haldane.

Whatever, as I for one welcome our robot overlords with open arms. Just as long as I can name my chatbot Lucy! Oh, Facebook’s M virtual assistant…… I mean Lucy….you move, Facebook Chess Style!

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