Digicel Play’s 20,000 customers in March 2016 means 60,000 by December 2016

“Did you see my eyes popping out of my head when I saw Usain? I’m upfront and personal with him, wow. My Pastor told me a few weeks ago that God is going to give me a mind-blowing experience. My mind is blown today – this is really a surprise.”

Corporal Rosalin Marshall on being surprised by Digicel Play celebrating their 20,000 customer

It’s now April 2016 and Digicel Play is still break records with their impressive growth.

They’ve now reached 20,000 subscribers, two months after hitting the 10,000 mark in February 2016 as I’d pointed out in Why Digicel Play 10,000 Subscribers spells trouble for FLOW Jamaica.

They’re growing really fast, as it took them only two months to add on the extra 10,000 customers as Group CEO for Digicel Play, Caribbean and Central America, John Suranyi, pointed out: “Digicel Play has seen record-breaking growth since we launched in Kingston. This is a clear indicator that customers want a better home entertainment experience and that is exactly what we are delivering to Jamaican homes using the fastest fibre in the region to give customers access to world-class content at the touch of a button.”

So what better way to celebrate the milestone than surprising their 20,000 customer?

Digicel Play’s 20,000 customer – Corporal Rosalin Marshall surprised by Usain Bolt

Corporal Rosalin Marshall, a police officer for 17 years who lives in Portmore, was the 20,000 customer for Digicel Play. They were invited to a focus Group session only to be surprised by Digicel Ambassador and the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt.

Geezam - How Digicel Play's 20,000 customers in March 2016 means 60,000 by December 2016 - 04-04-2016 LHDEER

And what gift did he bring? Corporal Rosalin Marshall received the following gifts as Digicel Play celebrated the occasion:

  • Brand new 55-inch LG TV
  • 3 months of free service
  • Goodie bags loaded with more presents

Corporal Rosalin Marshall heaped praises on Digicel Play’s superfast Internet as well as their convenient DVR (Digital Video Recorder) feature, quote: “The internet is so fast, I can’t catch it,” she said. “Another thing that stands out is that I can record my favorite shows and use pause and rewind to watch the news because I usually get home late at night. Plus my husband is a sports fanatic, so now he gets to watch the Super Bowl on his tablet even if he can’t be in the living room where the TV is – the service is just great”.

Digicel Play signs more content deals – Subscriber growth strong due to employees

Digicel Play had recently signed content deals with providers such as BBC, CBS, Bravo and NBCUniversal as I’d pointed out in Digicel Play NBCUniversal deal and Fibre Doctor means FLOW has no Advantage.

Digicel still has a long way to go who are waiting patiently to get on the Fiber optic Superhighway that Digicel Play offers, to quote John Suranyi: “And even as we’re celebrating this milestone, we have thousands of customers in the process of being connected in Kingston and Portmore and I want to take this opportunity to apologise for not being able to connect them as quickly as they wish; our team is working around the clock to get everyone connected to our service as soon as possible”.

Clearly, the employees and their marketing people are heaping to spread the word, one house at a time, Jehovah’s Witness Style, quote: “Kudos to our employees and business partners who continue to be instrumental in sharing this product with customers, and their success is evident by the satisfaction our customers are expressing with the new options that Digicel Play provides”.

Digicel has been spreading their winds since December 2015 as pointed out in How Digicel Play will spread the Gospel of Fiber Optic this Christmas. It’ll be interesting to see when they hit 60,000 customer, which at this rate will occur in December 2016.

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