5 Easy Home Security Improvements you can make today

Home security is a constant source of distress for the majority of Americans. Improving your home security doesn’t have to be expensive. Simple measures and tricks can greatly improve the security of your home and reduce the chances of you becoming the next victim of a burglary attempt.


The following is a compilation of five easy home improvements that you can make that will greatly improve the security in and around your home.

Invest in buying a weapon

Owning a weapon is an issue that raises a lot of debate. However, despite the reservations by many people, it is certain that anyone will feel more secure with a lethal weapon in their hands.

Any weapon if used in the right manner and at the right time can be the best source of security one can hope for. However this comes with responsibilities.

You have to ensure that your weapon remains out of the reach of unauthorized hands at all times. Buying a high-quality Steelwater gun safe ensures that you protect your home and also keep your gun safe.

This ensures that you can retrieve it when you need it and keep it safe when you don’t need it. The cost of acquiring a high-quality Steelwater gun safe is not substantial and is warranted considering the service that it offers you.

Mind where you store your keys

In many instances, a majority of Americans keep a spare key under the mat or somewhere near the door. The last thing a burglar wants is to create a scene when breaking into your house.

They ideally would like to break into the house as quietly as possible and to use your key is a perfect way. You should avoid storing your keys in such areas. If it is a must that you leave a key, then leave it with a trusted neighbor.

Car keys are also a source of home insecurity. Many people will leave their keys under the bumper and a spare key inside the car. If a thief finds the keys, your car can be broken into or stolen.

A high-quality Steelwater gun safe has ample space where you can keep the spare keys and retrieve them when you need them.


Avoid making your home a thicket. Trim all trees and shrubs in your home so that you can see your perimeter from every direction. Thick bushes give burglars a hiding place as they sneak into your home.


A poorly lit home is a haven for wannabe burglars. Home robbers are usually amateurs and target homes that seem easy to break into. If they can sneak into your home without being noticed, then they will attempt to break into your house.

Proper lighting of the house at night will deter most of these types of robbers.

Invest in warning signboards and a dog

As stated earlier, most home breakers are deterred by simple maneuvers. Having a conspicuous signboard on your gate reading “my dog can run faster than you all day” will deter most of them.

Having an actual dog that barks is a plus. A robber will know in advance that they have to deal with the dog first before breaking into the house and many of them will not make an attempt.

Home Security – Taking steps to not make your home a Target

A home invasion is one of the most risky and psychologically damaging crimes for a person to experience. It is often violent and leaves a family feeling helpless and vulnerable.

Making sure that all entry points are secure and not opening the door to strangers at night will probably eliminate 90% of home invasions.

Being smart and cautious will go a long to reduce your risk of becoming a victim and keeping your home and family safe.



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