Guns’n’Glory – Tower Defense meets the Wild Wild West

Guns ‘n’ Glory is one of the first games I installed on my android phone. Many months, Dozens of hours and thousands of dead settlers later it is a game I still play almost every day and in my mind is one of the best casual games available on any mobile platform. Guns ‘n’ Glory is made by the Europe based Handy Games and is  basically a tower defense game in a wild wild west setting.

Controversially the player isn’t “defending” against aliens, or unspeakable evil but instead play the role of bandits and outlaws who mercilessly cut down wave after wave of defenseless settlers before they can warn the sheriff of your crimes. A nice twist on a worn out formula wrapped up in humor and presented beautifully – Guns ‘n’ Glory promises fun and laughter for all who try it (for free) and with surprising good replay value you can reduce your risk of catching bird or swine flu from the Angry Birds and company.

Guns ‘n’ Glory is available for free on Android devices. Not sure if there is a cost but it is also available on iOS devices. Check out the trailer below and leave a comment telling me what you think of the game while you rob kill and pillage your way to greatness..

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