Guild Wars 2 Beta shows off a MMO with something for everyone

From June 8th to 10th I participated in my second Guild Wars 2 closed beta event, the one before that running from April 27 through April 29 2012. While I see definite updates and upgrades between the two beta events I continue to be impressed by Guild Wars 2 and what it offers to fans on massively multiplayer online role-playing games. With no subscription fees coming from a highly respected studio it is no surprise that Guild Wars 2 in the most anticipated games of 2012.

The first feeling I got from Guild Wars 2 is that it is definately made by people with a lot of experience with MMORPGs. Personally I am still very much a MMO noob though I have dabbled a bit with vanilla WoW back in the day and romped around in Rift for the first few weeks of it’s release. The bulk of my MMO experience comes from playing Star Wars Old Republic for the last 6 months, a game I enjoy immensely but I am happy to point out the SWTOR and GW2 have very little in common.

Character Creator Video

MMO Experience on Display

Guild Wars 2 appeals to everyone in the sense that whether you are an explorer, achievement whore, PvPer, crafter, collector, RPer, Raider, quest-o-holic or like to dress up Guild Wars have something for you that can be as causal or hardcore as you wish it to be and not many MMOs can boast that. The only aspect of GW2 I have experience first hand or read about much is raiding but I trust more information will be available closer to release.

My most recent romp through Tyria was quite fun and while I am not a fan of fantasy MMOs I found myself enjoying learning about the game, it’s mechanics and the different professions (classes) I tried. I dabbled with a warrior, elementalist and Ranger but the class I played the most and fell in love with was a my heavy armor wearing Guardian who I managed to level to level 23.

Adventures in Tyria

Dozens of dynamic events, quests and WvWvW skirmishes later I would definately recommend Guild Wars 2 to anyone looking for a well polished fantasy MMO that has no monthly fee but is definitely a triple A title.

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