Great Samsung Mother’s Day Gifts – Gear S, S6 and Gear Circle

It’s Mother’s Day and what a great day it is this Sunday May 10th 2015 for all Mothers in Jamaica and across the Caribbean.

With phablet sized smartphones in with the “in” crowd, wearables being all the rage and Bluetooth being the hip and happening trend, perhaps now would be the time to upgrade Mom this Mother’s day. Here are a few suggested tokens of esteem that you can purchase for your Mother on Mother’s Day!

Samsung Galaxy Gear S – Music Streamin’ Phone Callin’ Smartwatch

First on the shopping list is the  Samsung Galaxy Gears S, now on sale in Jamaica since October 2014 as beautifully detailed in my article  Samsung’s Galaxy Gear S Smartwatch coming to Jamaica while reppin’ for Tizen.

If your Mom is like most Mother’s out there, she’ll love the idea of having you on a leash with this really handy smartwatch that also doubles as a smartphone with its OWN SIM Card to make Voice Calls!

With some 1000 Samsung Gear Apps for Tizen OS, the brains behind this smartwatch, she’ll have oodles of fun listening to her Music Bluetooth streamed to her Samsung Level Speakers as described in How Samsung’s Top 7 Christmas Gift List can make Christmas unforgettable that you also gave her last year for Christmas!

It’s also a great way to gently suggest to her that she needs to get some exercise, as the built in  Samsung’s S Health and Nike+ Running App will help her on her exercise game and possibly make her a Gym aficionado soon enough!

Too bad it’s no good in the shower or with her love life, but the built-in GPS means you can find this smartwatch in case it gets lost using the Find my Device App, making this a hand gadget for Mom to also find her other belonging when they get misplaced.

But why stop there?

 Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – Selfies and Video Calling with Wireless Charging

Samsung had just recently launched the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the equally edgy Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on Friday April 24th 2015 up in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Club, Sudoku Matrix Style as per my penned words in The Future is Now as Samsung Galaxy S6 launches in Jamaica.

Covered from head to toe in Gorilla Glass 4, Mom will get a kick out of takin’ selfies and Video calling on this gorgeous 5.1’’ Quad HD Super AMOLED Screen via Facebook Messenger as described in Now Facebook has a Messenger website for your Desktop.

She’ll also be tickled silly to find that this smartphone can be tethered to her Samsung Galaxy Gear S Smartwatch, allowing her to receive notifications on her smartwatch and never miss a call.

If Mom is the impatient type, then the fast charging features and the set-it-and-forget-it Q Wireless Charger, set to become the standard in 2015 as predicted in Samsung declares 2015 Year of Wireless Smartphone Charging becoming an Industry Standard will set her on the path to fast-charging bliss.

Samsung Gear Circle – Never Miss a Call on her Bluetooth capable phone

Finally, if she’s really not into the Samsung Galaxy Gear S or even the super-advanced Samsung Galaxy S6 and the equally edgy Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, she can at least enhance her Bluetooth capable phone with a lightweight, water-resistant Samsung Gear Circle.

This Bluetooth earpiece is part of a trend towards wearable Bluetooth headsets that turns a smartphone must with these jumbo sized smarthones into a stylish, tech-forward Necklace. Control over her smartphones music playback capability and phone calling is literally hanging around her neck, ever so lightly alerting her when calls come in.

Samsung has everything for the tech-forward Mother as well as the Mother that likes it when you simply show her that you love her by trying to make her life easier. With Samsung, you can always count on giving Mom the Best Mother’s Day Gifts possible!

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