Google voted Best American Employer of 2015

When it comes to working in America, few places evoke as much awe and admiration as Silicon Valley.

Granted, Silicon Valley and their mainly Software Engineers aren’t top earners, ranking fourth in NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) listing compiled back in as noted in “Engineering Degrees are among the Top Earning Degrees in the USA for Jamaican College Students”.

But employee perks aside from pay such a free Day Care and generous health benefits will sway the minds of many and intern and potential employee to consider a company solely on these sweeteners.

Financial Magazine Forbes and analyst Statista suspected this and decide to quiz some 200,000 American workers with the following question: which employer, on a scale of 1 to 10 in America’s technology sector is rated the highest by its workforce?

Based from the response from these companies working in or outside of Silicon Valley as well as in the US Government and far flung multinationals, Statist compile the following Infographic than can be seen as a precursor to chasing the Best Employer of 2015.

Geezam - Forbes and Statista Employee Survey pick Google as Candidate for Best American Employer of 2015 - 11-04-2015 LHDEER


I’m personally not surprised that it’s Google.

Scoring 9.5 out of 10, free food and exercise to burn it all off combine with maternity leave benefits that encourage strong family values is hard to argue against. Facebook comes in at a close second with 9.29 with Software Company Intuit at 9.16.

It probably comes as little surprise that one of Silicon Valley’s pioneers in the world of perks, Google, comes first with a score of 9.55 out of 10. Free gourmet meals, gyms and generous maternity benefits are just some of the items on Google’s extensive list of benefits, a list that’s pretty hard to beat.

Facebook has also gained a reputation as a perk palace and it comes in second with a score of 9.29. Software Company Intuit completes the top three on the list of America’s top 10 tech employers with a ranking of 9.16.

Jamaican employers might learn a thing or two from these companies when it comes to retaining top, especially as many Jamaicans are pursuing engineering abroad finding it difficult to get work in a country obsessed with Doctors and Lawyers as noted in Jamaica facing an acute Shortage of Qualified Technicians and Engineers for upcoming Projects.

It’s not always about money; recognition for innovative ideas as well as benefits that encourage employees to have families without having to work extra hours to make ends meet wound be a start for these few already employed in the Engineering.

This may also help to stave off the threat of Animators going abroad due to a lack of development in the Animation Sector as pointed out to Minister of State in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Julian Robinson, which is a part of the burgeoning ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Sector in Jamaica.


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