Google+ Social Networking Project revealed

The social networking world has been turned on it’s head as Google has finally showed it’s hand with the official revelation of Google+. It has been rumored for many months now that Google was working on a project to “take on Facebook”, but with the not so successful forays into the social networking space Google has had recently many (including) myself weren’t really sold. However if you try hard enough at anything you should learn from your mistakes right? and with Google+ being touted as an extension of Google itself there is a lot on the line and no room for failure.

Main Features of Google+

  • Circles – separate your friends into various “circles” and choose what you want to share and with who instead of one big friend-list with you Mom, boss, neighbors, flatmate etc.
  • Spark – get information about or share your interests easily. Everything you could be interested in such as travel, video games, technology etc.
  • Huddle – mobile based group chat fuction that allows different persons to take part in a text conversation. Useful for planning meet-ups such as a trip to the movies.
  • Hangout – Simple intuitive video chat from 2 or more people. Anyone within a specific circle or who you allow can join and whoever is speaking automatically takes the lead.
  • Instant Upload – all the photos you take with your mobile phone or other mobile device is automatically uploaded to Google+ and you choose what to share and with whom if any at all.

Heavyweights leading the Google+ Team

Interestingly the Google+ team is being led by Google Senior Vice President of Social Vic Gundotra formally of Microsoft and Bradley Horowitz Vice President of Product Management formally of  Yahoo. It will be interesting to see if Google+ flies or will it crash and burn like Google Buzz and Google Wave. Check out a overview of just what Google+ is int he embedded video below.

Facebook is becoming a chore

I personally have been quite annoyed by how much Facebook is reminding me of Hi5, Myspace, Tagged and other dead social networks. I am sure some people reading this can relate that despite your  best efforts your profile is filled with undesirables and you spend a decent chuck of your “social networking” time muting chatterboxes, fighting spam or ignoring unwelcome conversations.

Limited Availability but Privacy a priority

Google+ will only be available to a select group of Google users as the company works out the kinks and allow more users to get invited before the doors gets open for all. With more and more of what we do in our lives being available on the web privacy, security and the allowing users to be able to leave at any time is at the forefront of Google’s priorities with Google+.

Stay tuned for more about Google+ on in the coming weeks and months so if there is anyone from the big “G” reading this or if you got an invite you want to send my way please do it…

More Google+ goodness on the Official Google Blog

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