Google+ is awesome – but most don’t understand why

Google+ is only a month old and although opinions are mixed on this new social networking service from Google I personally think it is awesome. I may not be some ” social web professional”  but having used various social networks over the years and experienced the rise and fall of many I think I am experienced enough to have an opinion on Google+ while giving my reason why I think some have negative comments about the service. Quite frankly I think most person who dislike Google+ just don’t understand it.

Climb that initial learning curve

For example I remember using Twitter for the first time some years ago and having to climb that initial learning curve as I sought to understand Twitter’s terminology and functions. Many years later Twitter is a big part of my everyday life and I have seen many person’s lack of understanding of just what “this Twitter thing” cause to them to dislike it.

The first mistake many make is to think of Google+ and facebook as the same exact thing. While there are similarities I’d go as far as saying Google+ is BETTER than Facebook mainly because it fixes so many nagging issues I’ve had with the service for years while providing some features I have been screaming for and adding others that I didn’t foresee but are just genius.

Facebook comfort zone

Google+ currently leans mostly to the tech savvy folks, just the way Facebook and Twitter did in the early days before more and more people deciphered the magic and flocked together like sheep. As more and more persons understand the service and stop comparing it to the behemoth that is Facebook the more they will understand it’s role. Frankly many people are stuck in the Facebook comfort zone unwilling to try something new or “invest” more time and effort into another online service. I don’t blame them at all and that is a perfectly understandable reason for staying away from Google+ (at least for now) but that doesn’t mean that Google+ is crap does it?

enCIRCLE your networks

Google+ fixes many of the issues Facebook not least of which is the ability to edit posts, choose what should be unsahrable and mute annoying people in conversations, it also has many powerful and useful features built right in that if given the time will fit right into your online/social routine. Features like Hangouts, instant upload, sparks, circles are more that just funny names for gimmicks. You can actually tailor your Google+ experience to you the person and your interests them file away it all into circles that separate the professional you from the gamer you and helps you share those awesome photos from that recent family vacation with who you choose to but still interact with your circle of business associates. The video embedded below explains it all in two and a half minutes:

Not for businesses yet

So don’t go crying when Google nukes your account because you failed to use your right name or the name of your business/blog when they made it clear when signing up that business accounts have not been incorporated YET and everything is still in beta. Google has a lot invested in Google+ and has the talent and resources to make it all work. There will be mistakes, but trust me when I say that Google+ is the future – it will just a while for the masses to realise/understand/appreciate it.

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  • CS

    That video is rather scary, since it perfectly illustrates just how much of my life google knows about.

  • Very much my opinion, Kelroy.

    I’ve been playing with Google+ since a few days after it launched in beta. The refreshing area for me was around information management using Circles – finally being able to speak to those people who you choose.

    And then came the iPhone app so on-the-go pics were easy for upload. I’m fully aware Google is all about information and it wants as much as it can get so make more Google money through advertising – I aware as well as choosey as just how much personal information I care to giveaway.

    Nice post and thanks again for expressing your opinion.

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