Google+ First Impressions and Free Invites

A long last my Google+ (or should I type it as “Google Plus”) invite has arrived. After reading first impressions posts and in my opinion premature “reviews” ranging from “Google+ is garbage” to “This is the next big social network”, “Facebook is dead” etc I watch inching to get my grubby little paws on an invite . Getting home on a geek high after watching Transformers 3 my twitter timeline was filled with Google+ chatter and a few tweets later an invite arrived in my Gmail inbox thanks to fellow Caribbean Tech Blogger @tech_tt. I giddily accepted and a few clicks later my profile was set up including a photo and I was about to start playing with sparks, circles and streams – trouble was my Google plus network was quite tiny…

Easy to use and lightening fast

The temporary ghost town feeling aside I appreciate that my first few minutes using Google+ was very simple, the interface is responsive, I haven’t run into any bugs so far and the privacy settings are VERY customizable. I can’t wait to put all the features to the test but so far the sparks feature works nicely and has picked up my geektastic interests like anime, Japan, movies etc. The circles feature is what I am most excited about as as I wrote in my Google+ announcement post handing who sees what and when in my Facebook stream is a big issue of mine that will take far too long to fix with a friendlist as fat as mine. I look forward in the coming days, weeks, months and hopefully years to put the  circles, hangout, huddle, instant upload and other features to the full test.

Android App Fail

Sadly my biggest grip so far is that the Google+ Android app doesn’t work in my spec of the big blue marble called earth (Jamaica). I can make due with the snazzy mobile web interface for now but I want full access to the app Google, or heads will roll.

Want an Invite?

Haven’t gotten an invite to Google Plus yet just leave a comment below and I will sent it to the email address you use to do so unless I fall alseep. Please follow @Geezam on Twitter and like Geezam on Facebook.

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