Google Play Movies expands to Jamaica, Trinidad and 10+ more Countries

Many countries and regions of the world especially the Caribbean is often region-locked from many online services available to larger more affluent countries. Also, some of the few times countries like Jamaica, Trinidad and Antigua and Barbuda are included we are stuck with watered down selections (Netflix) or grouped together with Latin America because apparently all of the Caribbean speaks Spanish.

Google Play Movies

A small change has happened today with the news that Google has expanded its Google Play Movie service to 27 new countries. On that list we’ll now find Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Barbuda and even our central American neighbors Belize. Good news in my eyes and although the selection of movie titles on Google’s service is paltry I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and hope that future music, movie, streaming, service apps eventually expand into the region. Whip out your Android phone/tablet or fire up your Chromecast and leave a comment below or tweet @Geezam your thoughts on this news.

Google Play Movies & TV App Download

Via – Android Central | Engadget

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  • Ramano

    I was having this very same discussion with a member of a Tech group I am apart of yesterday and he stated that Netflix has come a far way and that he doesn’t even use his VPN on it that much anymore as during its initial launch.

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