Google launching Android Oreo OS during Solar Eclipse on August 21st 2017

Google is counting down to the biggest astronomical event of the century on Monday August 21st 2017: A Solar Eclipse that begins in the Western seaboard and progresses all the way across to the top of Florida as the @NASA twitter Gif shows.


Last seen over the continental USA 99 years ago, Google is either very interested in eclipses or they have plans to launch something else.

They have a launch planned as pointed out on the website, quote: “On August 21st, a solar eclipse will sweep across the entire United States for the first time since 1918. Android is helping you experience this historic natural phenomenon so you can learn more about the eclipse and count down to the big day—when you’ll meet the next release of Android and all of its super (sweet) new powers, revealed via livestream from New York City at 2:40PM ET.”

As per the image above, I suspect it may have something to do with that “super (sweet) new powers!” tagline on their website!!!

Google and the Eclipse – Launchpad for Google Oreo

First, they’ve launched a Megamovie Project to have 1,000 volunteers to film the eclipse so that they can create a continuous view of the eclipse as it crosses the USA.


They’ve also created a path on Google Maps of the Eclipse from anyone who want to …for some reason…travel in total darkness as the solar eclipses drags its shadow across the USA.

Google may also be launching their Google Android O Operating system, which based on some of my sources may be called Oreo. The timing makes sense if this Tweet on Google is to be believed, as they do have an Android Event schedule for that day.

This is an Oreo looks a lot like an eclipse when you remove one half, with the white filing as the Sun and the other half acting as the Moon. Like an Oreo!!


It can happen folks, as Google did make a deal with Nestle to use Kitkat as Google Android 4.4 name as pointed out in Google Android 4.4 is now KitKat as Nestle-Google Secret Deal makes Android the first Product Placement OS.

The Caribbean will be treated to a partial view of this eclipse….but it will be still awesome. Stay tuned as the Google Eclipse clock countdown may reveal the launch of Google Android Oreo.


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