Google I/O recap – Nexus Tablet, Jelly Bean, Google Glasses and more

Google I/O is underway and the Keynote address to start things off could have been very overwhelming with the torrent of information, products and even live skydiving that was shown off. Below is a quick synopsis of the major announcements of the Google I/O keynote in a more easy to absorb bite sized format, you can thank us later.

Jelly Bean

The next version of Android will be called “Jelly Bean”. Icecream Sandwich may have overhauled the Android interface and made it work seamlessly between different sized screens and devices (tablets, smartphones) but Jelly Bean is the refinement of it all. Android 4.1 is massive update for Android adding everything from a new Keyboard, to offline voice input to resizable widgets, app encryption, and much much more. Get all the details of what is new in Jelly Bean on the Android Developer website.

Nexus 7 Tablet

In my eyes the most significant announcement during the keynote but there wasn’t much surprise after mock-ups and various rumors had already flooded the interwebs before it’s official announcement. The Nexus 7 is an affordable, stylish and powerful 7 inch built around Google play, running Android 4.1 and is a very attractive product built by Asus. The entry level 8gb version costs $199 which it puts it into the same category as the super popular but less attractive Amazon Fire.

Nexus Q

Expanding the “Nexus” line of products is the Nexus Q the new master of your music stored in the cloud. The futuristic looking orb is like science fiction come to life. The Nexus Q is simply put a social music management jukebox where you, your family, your friends, your entire freaking dorm can control music and play tracks from their own collection in the cloud.


Google+ is now a year old and keeping with the trend of everyone being my mobile it revealed that more users use Google+ from a  mobile device than from a desktop. They then went on to announce updated and tablet optimized versions of their iOS and Android apps. Google+ events is all that Facebook Events isn’t and my does it look good when demonstrated, I feel like hosting an event just to test out the feature.

Google Glass

Of all the products services and hardware announcements at Google I/O this year Google Glasses by far ranks highest on the uber awesome meter. Augmented reality is not only a reality but soon will be in the hands, on the heads and beaming into the eyes of the masses. Science fiction is no longer fiction and geeks like myself continue to rejoice. Just tell me when, where and how and I’ll be first in line to buy into Google Glasses.

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  • its an exciting time to be an android user…. though i am my measly device doesn’t count. I’ll have an inspire to fall back on soon. but i need a nexus 7 in my life.

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