Google I/O 2014: Android and Chromecast expand as Google tries to conquer Home and Automobiles

Google I/O Conference indicates that at the Dawning of the Sun, they are still on track to take over the World, at least in your Home and Automobiles, Pinky and the Brain Style. I’d long predicted this was coming in 2015 when they’d mentioned it at Google I/O back in 2011 as prophesied in Apple’s Revolution: Android @ Home and IceCream Sandwich in 2015AD. It’s basically an attack on the following fronts:

  • Streaming TV with Android TV
  • Cheaper smartphones with AndroidOne
  • Android in your vehicle with Google Auto
  • Android Wear OS  on their flagship LG G Watch

Android is entering the Streaming TV Platform World, currently Apple iTV playground, which is now being tapped by the Amazon Fire TV! Google Chromecast packing a slew of new Apps, more Streaming Content and Android Device Remote Viewing on your TV as described in Google Chrome Remote Desktop lets you control your Computer from Google Chrome for Android App. AndroidOne is their Developing World smartphone strategy with sub-US$199 4.5” screen, Dual SIM (Subscriber Identification Module), SD Card storage and FM Radio. Google Auto, a clone of Apple’s Carplay, gives you Navigation from Google Maps, answer calls and Text Messages and takes Business Notes powered by Android.

Android L is coming later this year

Google’s sporting the LG G Watch running Android Wear OS with Samsung Gear Live’s rocking it too along with Tizen OS as predicted in Don’t cry over spilt Samsung Milk as Samsung Galaxy S5 and smartwatches disappoint. Health Tracker, the ability to receive Calls and, App Tracking makes this circular watch sound bulky. I’ll might have to write another obituary as I did for the Samsung Galaxy Gear as per my condolences in Samsung Gear Smartwatch is too Dick Tracey and not Simple enough to want you to Rock the Future on your Wrist if battery life isn’t measured in months and at a year! Ciao from Google I/O!

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