Google Event on September 29th 2015 to launch Nexus running Marshmallow

Google, having just recently changed their logo as reported in Kelroy’s article Google updates its Logo, isn’t gonna let the momentum drop anytime soon.

They’ve now announced that they’re holding an event on Tuesday September 29th 2015 to unveil their latest Nexus flagship smartphones running Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It’s also been confirmed who the OEM’s will be: LG and Huawei.

LG and Huawei – Google Nexus made with high-quality Korean smartphone components

This is the first time that Google will be choosing two OEM’s to make their flagship smartphone, so I’m not entirely sure what they’ll call them. Possibly the Nexus 6 and Nexus 6 Plus?

Geezam - Google Event on September 29th 2015 to launch Nexus smartphone running Google Marshmallow - 02-09-2015 LHDEER

It’s also the 3rd time that Google will be partnering with the South Korea- based LG to make a Nexus Smartphone and the first they’ll have Huawei along for the ride.

LG will be making a smaller 5.2” version of the Nexus while Huawei will be building a 5.7” phablet! LG, the more experienced of the two, will make their presence felt as their design accents and reliable components used in the construction of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 phones have made them the go-to make of affordable smartphones for the masses.

Many Android purists look forward to the release of Google’s flagship smartphones to get the pure Vanilla experience of Google Android. It’s pure Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow without the bloatware from the OEM as well as the Telecom Providers and dedicated timely updates from Google.

No specs are known about the Smartphone that LG and Huawei will debut, but expect them to be high quality yet affordable, showcasing the best of Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow!

Huawei’s Chance to shine – Google endorsement for their North American push

Of the two OEM, Huawei has the most to gain as a first-time Nexus builder.

They’re not especially loved in the US of A despite such high end models like the recently launched Huawei Honor 7, their challenger to the soon-to-be-launched Apple iPhone 6S as declared in Apple Event on September 9th 2015 – AI Siri, iPhone 6S, Apple TV and Pro iPad.

So far it’s gotten good reviews for its super fast Fingerprint scanner. I suspect this may have factored in the reason why Google (or should I call them Alphabet?) decision to choose them to make the large phablet sized smartphone.

This will definitely enable them to make better inroads into the American market by demonstrating their ability to build quality high-ends Smartphone with the blessing of Google. No prices for either model but expect Google to roast the Apple iPhone over an open fire with these pair of Marshmallow smartphones!

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