Google Drive launches – Another major player joins the Cloud Storage Wars

The rumors have been swirling around for days and just as predicted Google has announced their new cloud storage offering – Google Drive. The Google Drive website went live at 09:30 am PST today and provides the official details about the new service. Visit the Google drive website at

For those familiar with Dropbox, Google Drive is basically the same service but with more available free space at signup. For those unfamiliar with Dropbox, Google Drive is a service that will allow users to store files on Google’s web servers (in the cloud) and have access to those files on computer with an internet connection or supported mobile device such as tablets and smartphones. In today’s multi-gadget world it offers lots of benefits to users who work on or use multiple computers and devices and want seemless and automatic transition of files between these multiple devices.

Users will need a Google Account to access the service and will received 5gb of free space with the ability to purchase more if needed. Google Drive currently supports computers running Windows, Linux as well a Mac and Android powered mobile phones – the iOS app will be available shortly. Read more about Google Drive on the official website and take a look at the video below.

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