How to export and save history of visited pages in Google Chrome

So you may have just downloaded a copy of Google Chrome and installed it on your computer.

If you’re like me, you’ll probably use the Google Chrome Standalone Installer, as you can put it on a thumb drive and carry it from computer to computer.

So how do you save the history of the websites that you have visited? Also, when you start using Google Chrome, how do you export the history?

How to export and download Google Chrome History

You may have not noticed, but you can only get the history once you press Ctrl T you can recover the last page you just closed on your computer…… if you haven’t already erased the history from your browser……

To open the full history, you can click Ctrl H or just type chrome://history/ in an empty tab and you’ll see your entire history of websites you’ve visited as shown below.

To clear the browser history and avoid problems with you nagging girlfriend, you can click clear browsing history on the left hand panel or just press Ctrl Shift Del to open the pop up command box. Then select what you want to delete from your browser history.

To save the history file of the websites you have visited, you can log into the Google and search for “export history”. Then install the Chrome extension called Extension Export History/Bookmarks to JSON/CSV* .

Once installed, you can use it to export your browser history and download it as a *.csv file as explained in this video.

Bonus:  It also exports bookmarks and can also help you to restore both browser history and bookmarks. So never lose all of you favourite websites, as you can archive them as part of your backup routine as explained in How to do Physical Backup using DVD and CD and Best software.

Simple as that! Sharing is caring so share this helpful tip with your friends!!!


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