Google Introduces Buzz for Gmail

Google has dipped it’s toe into the social networking pool before but it official dived in today with the revelation of Google Buzz – a new service it described as “a Google approach to sharing”. Comparisons have already been drawn with the current social networking kingpins Twitter and Facebook but just how useful will Buzz be?

The first advantage that Google Buzz has is that right out of the blocks it has an installed base of over 100 million users or at least potential users because Buzz will be tied in with Google’s email service Gmail.  Google Buzz borrows many features of Facebook and Twitter as users can share status updates, links, photos and videos as well as interact with comment on and respond to postings from friends. The video below is an overview of what is possible with Google Buzz.

Visit the Official Google Buzz page at and read the announcement post on the Official Gmail Blog here.

Post Author: Kelroy

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