Google announces Android Wear

The wearables market was set on fire today with Google unveiling Android Wear. The new operating system is tailored for smartwatches and other wearable devices. At first glance Android Wear looks very impressive with early smartwatch designs from Motorola and LG already looking far better than early pioneers in the wearables market such as the Pebble and Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Voice and Contextual Information

Android Wear is designed bring the information needed by its wearer immediately and with as little interaction as possible. Voice and contextual information takes center stage all powered by Google’s wide range of services such as search, maps, calendar, mail, hangout and most significantly Google Now.


Glass is now one piece of the Android Wear puzzle

The tech world has it eyes fixed on Google Glass but Glass is now one piece of the Android Wear puzzle with Android theoretically could be running on anything from sneakers, to fridges and motor vehicles in the future. These are exciting times and with more information expected at Google I/O in June the world waits for Google to reveal more about the platform. Google is now inviting developers who currently have an app on Android to start developing features that will tie in with Android Wear and provide functionality, notifications and features to the platform.

Third party companies such as LG and Motorolla has already revealed plans and prototypes of smartwatches running on Android Wear with many more companies planning to reveal watches in the near future. Stay tuned to for more information on Android Wear, Google Glass and all manner of news related to technology.

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