Gamers Roll Out; The Cross Country Tour May Be Coming To You

Greetings one and all; here to shed some light on a big event currently happening across Jamaica that you might not be aware of. To give some context on the matter let me introduce you to the main driving force behind eSports in Jamaica right now. Enter Isaiah-Triforce M. Johnson; CEO and Gaming World Record Holder of Empire Arcadia. You can check out a detailed interview with more information on him here —–>(click this link). With all the work he had done last year organizing and partly hosting the Digicel World DigiCup Event their gaming events it was no surprise that other Jamaican powerhouse companies took notice. Next up came LIME to throw in their bid into eSports with the LIME eSports Intergration Challenge, which he was more than happy to help them organize and get up and running. Now the newest corporate giant steps up to stake their claim; RJR and its yearly RJR Cross Country Invasion. This year they reached out to Triforce seeing all the hard work he has put into building an infrastructure for eSports in Jamaica and asked him to come on board for the promotion. Since then he has appeared on a variety of media for interviews on eSports and what it can mean for Jamaica.

Listen to this interview as he sheds light on the topic of eSports as well as make mention:

I know it was a tad bit long but valuable information is priceless and always worth the time. With that out of the way we can make mention of another big company of great importance CyberBox Lan Centre. Located at Springs Plaza Half-Way Tree, Shop #4 in Kingston Jamaica they are the main driving force behind Tirforce in this venture with RJR. They sport a robust Lan Centre outfitted with over 70+ computers and offer a wide myriad of services that encompass educational, recreational, and professional needs. Dmitry Simpson is CyberBox Marketing Director and he appeared in an interview on Smile Jamaica with Triforce to shed some light on their company and what it is they aim to accomplish.

So as you can see big things are happening for gaming in Jamaica and I for one am ecstatic because this is a very hopeful and lucrative opportunity for both gamers and companies involved. With that being said RJR has tour dates lined up starting already from February 7th right down till March 7th with lots of prizes, surprises, activities and more in store. So feel free to come out and support the events if you can on these dates and be sure to say hi to Triforce and grab a picture with a gaming world record holder. With only 3 dates left to go you wont want to miss out….

February 7 – Jesse Ripol Primary School (Kingston)
• February 14 – Port Antonio High School (Port Antonio)
• February 21 – Manchester High School (Mandeville)
• February 28 – Godfrey Stewart High School (Savanna-la-mar)
• March 7 – Dinthill High School – (Linstead)

I wouldn’t be much of a friendly neighborhood gamer if I just left you high and dry so thankfully Cyber Box has made a little bit of a highlight reel of the Cross Country Invasion so far and its definitely not something you want to miss. So be sure if its coming to a city near you to show up in support of Jamaica, eSports, RJR, Triforce and Cyber Box Lan Centre and have a blast.

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