How the enhanced S Pen is the heart of the Galaxy Note 8

With greater sensitivity to pressure, resistance to water and dust, and other enhanced features, the stylus is the preferred tool for creative Note fans.

Note users report their high-quality display makes their work easier (87%) and that the S Pen makes them more productive, approximately 64%. A perfect portrait of a device that has drawn a legion of loyal fans: more than 8 out of 10 Note users say they “love” their device.

When it was first introduced in the summer of 2011, the Note surprised many with its large 5.3-inch screen and a very peculiar companion: the S Pen stylus. Today, with the Galaxy Note8 in our hands, that first generation S Pen almost seems primitive: it detected a mere 256 pressure points and could only be used for basic actions such as navigating, taking screenshots and simple strokes.

The original S Memo application came with a limited number of pencil points, strokes and brushes. By the time the Galaxy Note2 was released, the S Pen was longer, thinner and more ergonomic, detected 1024 different levels of pressure and boasted applications such as S Note, Air View, Easy Clip and S Planner for truly innovative content interaction.

Those who once were skeptical of “the return of the pencil,” were captivated by the possibilities offered by the S Pen.

S Pen stylus Enhanced – Live Message, Currency and Unit Conversion and Screen off memo  

At the same pace that Samsung reinvents itself with the most innovative technology, the S Pen has equally been enhanced. Therefore, it was not surprising that so many looked to the stylus when the Note8 was released last Wednesday.

How has Samsung improved the S Pen this time?

Well, the S Pen now has a smaller 0.7mm tip and increased 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity replicate the ease and accuracy of a real pen. With the reassurance of IP68 water and dust resistance, the new S Pen lets you jot down everything you see and be as creative as you want even if the screen gets wet.

Plus new features were added including Live Message and Currency and Unit Conversion, on top of enhanced existing functions such as:

  • S Pen Translate
  • Screen off memo
  • Write Recognition

Now with Live Message you can add more fun and emotion to your messages by easily creating and sharing animated texts or emojis live and using different effects to customize photos. Your creations can be shared through your favorite social apps that support AGIF (animated GIF), including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and SnapChat.

Meanwhile with Screen off memo, you will never forget those important items. The function is automatically activated by removing the S Pen from the device, and allows you to take up to one hundred pages of notes. As if that were not enough, it is now possible to write several pages of notes and return to what is already written in Always On Display to make edits.

You can also save your notes to Samsung Notes to access later.

S Pen Translate – Translate 71 languages on the go

For those business travelers or adventurers who are constantly traversing the globe, Samsung has enriched its S Pen Translate so that you can now recognize complete sentences in 39 languages and translate into up to 71 languages. To complete the international experience, S Pen allows you to convert foreign units and currencies.

To unite users with a similar passion, Galaxy Note8 arrives pre-loaded with PENUP, a global community for those who use their Galaxy Note and S Pen for creative purposes. This passionate group has grown to approximately 2.5 million PENUP users since March 2017, and has since showcased 913 thousand works and obtained 9.5 million “likes” from the community.

Without a doubt, the S Pen, a registered trademark of the Note brand, elevates the traditional smartphone experience, defines the series and brings excitement and a healthy dose of creativity to the world with its unique characteristics.



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