Foursquare Introduces expertise badges that level

Many thought location-based social networking services were just a faze but it shows no signs of abating. Foursquare is undoubtedly the most popular location based service with over 10 million users and the support of many businesses. Badges are an integral part of Foursquare and to that they introduced expertise badges that level up depending on the check-in history of the user. No, Foursquare isn’t turning into a RPG but it’s an interest twist on the badges concept that should be well received by badge addicts like myself.

A post on the official Foursquare blog explains it better that I ever could. Check out an excerpt and a link to the full post below.

Some badges are fun and some are frivolous, but the ones that get us most excited are the ones that reflect real-world feats, like mastering the pizza circuit or keeping print alive. Those are the badges that represent who you are and what you know best. And, the more you unlock, the more your Trophy Case becomes a reflection of your real-world expertise. That’s why we’re introducing expertise badges (that level!) – badges that show off who you are and what you know. – Read full post

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