FLOW Lyf Increased Free Data for Prepaid & Postpaid heralds Unlimited LTE

“This is indeed exciting news for all our mobile customers….”

Dwight Williams, FLOW’s Head of Products commenting on the new FLOW Lyf plans

On Friday June 30th 2017, FLOW dropped a Social Media bomb on its customers!!

They’ve upgraded their FLOW Lyf prepaid data plans with a 100 MB Data Bucket, increased Core Data allocations  and three (3) new residential postpaid mobile data bundle offerings.



Their previous upgrade have made using Whatsapp Voice, Deezer Streaming and FLOW Sports streaming trendy as noted in FLOW Lyf Data Plans wins over Whatsapp, Deezer and FLOW Sports Fans.

So far the reactions on social media, mainly on FLOW’s Twitter page @FLOWJamaica have been quite awesome as sampled below in this tweet pined by Prince Pine on their twitter stream.

Now as if wasn’t awesome enough, FLOW has announced that in addition to access to free music and other benefits, they’ll be offering  up to 100 MB of free Data to the most popular social media applications, namely:

  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

This is certainly much better than a KFC Meal Deal!!! Customers can activate the plan by:

  • Dialing *129*6# (Prepaid)
  • Call the FLOW Customer Care Centre or visit any FLOW store for instructions on signing up (Postpaid)

What has me excited, though, is their FLOW Lyf Postpaid offer; three new plans starting at $2,499 + GCT per month. Ok, details please!!!

FLOW Lyf Prepaid – Best mobile Prepaid internet plans in Jamaica

So what has changed?

Well, the upgraded FLOW Lyf prepaid data plans see increases of up to 50% in the core data allocation in four (4) of its six (6) plans.

This involves the introduction of the free bonus data for social media of up to 200MB for Postpaid customers and 100MB for prepaid customers.

The adjustments are as show in the table below.

Duration Plan Volume Plan Charge Free Bonus Data For Social Media Deezer Music Allotment Access to Flow Sports Auto Renew Activation Code Text Activation Calling Rate
2 Days 275MB $150 25MB 600MB. Y N *146*2*1# 100MB to 145 $3.99 per minute
3Days 400MB $250 50MB 600MB Y N *146*3*2# 300MB to 145 $3.99 per minute
7Days 600MB $400 50MB 600MB Y Y *146*7*1# 400MB to 145 $3.99 per minute
30Days 800MB $700 100MB 1.2GB Y Y *146*30*2# 302 to 145 $3.99 per minute
30Days 1.5GB $1,000 100MB 1.2GB Y Y *146*30*3# 303 to 145 $3.99 per minute
30Days 3GB $1,750 100MB 1.2GB Y Y *146*30*4# 304 to 145 $2.99 per minute
Pay per use N/A $45/MB N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


Previously, the free allocation of data was only applicable to WhatsApp Voice Calling and music streaming via 1.2 GB of free bonus data for music streaming the Deezer App as I’d reported in FLOW Lyf Data Plans wins over Whatsapp, Deezer and FLOW Sports Fans.

Good to note here that streaming from the FLOW Sports® App and  it’s access to the FLOW Sports Network (channel 690) may be done via Wi-Fi or via the customer’s core data bought in their plan. Also this comes without any increase in the cost of the FLOW Lyf Prepaid Data Plans.

Pretty awesome, I must say!

FLOW Lyf Postpaid – 200MB Free bonus Data is Justice for Postpaid users

However, it’s in the postpaid that I’m seeing real innovation, a sign that Postpaid has finally come of age. The new FLOW Lyf residential postpaid plans have three plan options, which offer:

  • Bundled local and international minutes
  • Core data allocations of up to 6 GB
  • Free nights and weekends on select plans

The new FLOW Lyf residential postpaid plans also include:

  • 200MB Free bonus data for social media
  • 2GB for Deezer app streaming music

Truly it cannot get better than this, as Dwight Williams points out: “Hands down, these are the best mobile internet plans in Jamaica –bar none”.

FLOW hasn’t forgotten its Postpaid users; they truly have delivered this time around!

FLOW Lyf and Analyzing User Data – FLOW WiFi and Unlimited 4G Data on the horizon

FLOW has been doing a lot of research of late, analyzing the user data of their 1 million strong customer base to find new ways to engage and satisfy their customers’ increasing appetite for data. The summer just starting with a Huawei Y3 Lite sales on Thursday and Friday 29 and 30th respectively as detailed in How to get a JA$4000 FLOW Huawei Y3 Lite this Summer.

So says  Dwight Williams, citing the fact that some 70% of the Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile user base are toting smartphone, quote: “Our information suggests that by now, over 70 percent of mobile phone users own a smartphone. This means they need a network that will allow them to get the most out of their devices while maximizing the value for their dollar and for us, it is important to monitor these trends. We also remain committed to finding new ways to satisfy these emerging appetites and desires for value.”

To quote Dwight Williams, FLOW’s Head of Products, this is one small step for FLOW, one Giant step for Mankind, Apollo Moon Landing style:“We took a bold step last April with the launch of six new prepaid plans and now we have made adjustments based on suggestions from our customers to enhance the plan which now also includes our loyal residential postpaid mobile customers. We have maximized the benefits and value for our customers by giving them even more free data while also enabling them to connect in even more ways by expanding the range of social media apps/platforms accessible on the plan. All these added benefits are offered with no increase in price.”

Hopefully they’ll  begin testing free a Wi-Fi concept that’s been tested in Barbados called FLOW WiFi that’ll give users with FLOW ID as a login free Wi-Fi accessible as predicted in FLOW WiFi tested in Barbados heralds Unlimited Wi-Fi Streaming.

A dash of Unlimited 4G LTE may be in the works after the successful launch of LTE in Barbados as pointed out in FLOW launches LTE in Barbados as Jamaica gets Huawei E8372.

Truly this may be one small step for Jamaica but by September it promises to be one Giant Leap for Jamaicans. Sharing is caring so share this article with your friends, encouraging them to switch to FLOW Jamaica!


Here’s the link:

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FLOW Lyf Data Plans

Deezer App on the FLOW Jamaica Website

Deezer App on the Google Play Store

Deezer App on Apple iTunes Store

FLOW Jamaica Website

FLOW Jamaica Twitter Feed: @FLOWJamaica

FLOW Jamaica Facebook Page

FLOW Jamaica YouTube Channel



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