FLOW Lyf Data Plans wins over Whatsapp, Deezer and FLOW Sports Fans

“Over the past two years, we have seen a significant increase in the usage of mobile data by our customers, moving from voice and text to more app-driven activities like WhatsApp, which require a mobile data connection. We have also seen an increase in the appetite and desire of more customers, spanning all generations, to get online and to do more; whether it’s social media, entertainment, e-commerce and even GPS navigation”

FLOW Head of Products Dwight Williams commenting on the new FLOW Lyf data plans

FLOW Jamaica has rolled out another price increase in their Mobile Data plans – with a twist of Lyf!!

The new plans were launched on Thursday April 6th as per their Twitter feed @FLOWJamaica

FLOW Jamaica launched their FLOW Lyf Data Plans in Half-Way-Tree and Papine square with lots of street dancers.

They also got the help of their latest brand ambassador and up and coming artiste ShenSeea doing her thing in Half-Way-Tree with her FLOW jingle along with the FLOW dancers!

So what are the new FLOW Lyf Plans exactly?

FLOW Lyf Data Plans – A Match made in WhatsApp, Deezer and Sport Heaven

The new FLOW Lyf Plans are as follows:

Duration Plan Volume Plan Charge WhatsApp Voice Allotment Deezer Music Allotment Access to Flow Sports Auto Renew Activation Code Text Activation
2 Days 200MB $150 3MB 600MB. Y N *146*2*1# 100MB to 145
3Days 350MB $250 5MB 600MB Y N *146*3*2# 300MB to 145
7Days 400MB $400 15MB 600MB Y Y *146*7*1# 400MB to 145
30Days 750MB $700 22MB 1.2GB Y Y *146*30*2# 302 to 145
30Days 1.5GB $1,000 22MB 1.2GB Y Y *146*30*3# 303 to 145
30Days 3GB $1,750 22MB 1.2GB Y Y *146*30*4# 304 to 145
Pay per use N/A $45/MB N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Most noticeable aside from the including of data allotments for Whatsapp Voice and Deezer Music streaming, which was promoted in October 2016 as noted in Deezer offers 1GB Taste and Buy Music Streaming on FLOW Jamaica, is the fact that the prices for the two (2) lowest plans have changed.

Here are the older plans for a quick comparison.

Duration Price Data allocation Auto Renew Activation Code
2 day $100 100 MB No *146*2*1#
3 days $200 300 MB No *146*3*2#
7 days $400 400 MB Yes *146*7*1#
30 days $700 750 MB Yes *146*30*2#
30 days $1,000 1.5 GB Yes *146*30*3#
30 days $1,750 3 GB Yes *146*30*4#
Pay per use $45/MB N/A N/A N/A

No longer 100mb for$1000 and $200 for 300MB, you now have to pay an additional $50 for each of those plans! FLOW seems to be under pressure from its parent company Liberty Global to grow revenues.  They’ve also adjusted the Talk EZ calling rate from $1.99 per minute to $3.99 per minute, depending on which FLOW Lyf Data package you purchase.

This basically only an adjustment of two (2) data plans, with subscribers getting more for a 25% reduction in the price per MB, to quote director of corporate Kayon communications and stakeholder management, Kayon Wallace: “All six prepaid data plans received the additional benefits of FLOW Lyf and customers on the 2Day plan are also benefiting from an effective 25 per cent rate reduction in the price per megabyte. Further, our Talk EZ customers continue to benefit from lower market prices for calls ($2.99 and $1.99) to any network in Jamaica and international calls to the USA, Canada and landlines in the UK”.

Still, the added benefits are worth it, especially if you are a FLOW Horizon subscriber, as you can stream FLOW Sports….. or little Ayira who seems taken with Deezer music.

So it’s a match made in sport heaven for all those Bayern Munich and Manchester United Fans out there as FLOW Lyf subscribers can now access the Caribbean’s premier sports content on their smartphones.

So FLOW Lyf is a win for sport people among FLOW Jamaica’s 900,000 Mobile subscribers.  Sharing is caring so share this article with your friends, encouraging them to switch to FLOW Jamaica!

Here’s the link:

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Deezer App on the FLOW Jamaica Website

Deezer App on the Google Play Store

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FLOW Jamaica Twitter Feed: @FLOWJamaica

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  • Andrew

    The even bigger change with this plan is now whatsapp calls will cost 9.99 (this is overage data rate for postpaid so not sure it is the same for pre-paid) per mb once you go over the alloted figure. With calculations showing an average call is 1mb per min, this will not go down well for persons who have gotten used to whatsapp calling using their dataplan.

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