Flow Jamaica reduces data charges when roaming

Flow has announced a significant reduction in data-roaming charges. Launched on February 23, Flow mobile customers now pay a new data-roaming rate of only $50 Jamaican dollars per megabyte (MB). The new rate is applicable in both the United States and 45 other countries across the globe.

“We are excited to announce that our customers can now use data, without fear or restriction, while travelling. Previously, data roaming was considered a premium service for travellers. However, as Jamaicans embrace mobility for both business and personal communication, Flow is leading the way and we have realigned our pricing strategy to meet the needs of our customers while on the go,” shared Dwight Williams, Senior Director, Product Management at Flow.

He highlighted that “the new low data roaming Pay-As-You-Go rate of $50 per MB is the same Pay-As-You-Go data rate that FLOW pre-paid customers currently enjoy while in Jamaica. This will ensure that our customers stay in touch with family, friends and business associates without turning off their smartphones while travelling. This move further asserts our leadership as the best value-telecoms provider.” According to Williams, this landmark move will “revolutionize the way Jamaicans use their smartphones while overseas”. The new Pay-As-You-Go data roaming rate will be applicable to both prepaid and post-paid customers.

To further bolster the value for customers, the telecommunications firm has also launched Flow TravelPass Prepaid and Flow TravelPass Postpaid, to help its customers manage their budgets while overseas. Customers who select one of the seven available plans will benefit from a further reduced out-of-plan rate of $38 per MB which becomes applicable when the ‘in-plan’ data allocations have been exhausted.

Adrienne Reynolds, Flow Product Manager, Mobile Prepaid & Roaming, explains that “both our prepaid and post-paid roaming packages offer attractive options that vary in allotments and pricing to meet individual needs and budgets for customers travelling to the United States and the other 45 countries. Across the board, customers will receive a mix of data, voice calling and text messages for their convenience while travelling.” She further shared that while on the go, customers will receive data usage alerts to help keep tabs on their spending.

Flow TravelPass Prepaid offers Flow prepaid customers an allotment of roaming data ranging from 100MB to 500MB starting at $999 plus GCT for a seven-day period. With Flow TravelPass Post-paid, Flow post-paid customers will also benefit from specially-designed packages starting at $3999+GCT per month. Both groups of plans offer free incoming calls and text messages.

For more information visit discoverflow.co/jamaica/mobile/roaming

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  • Solomon

    That is good! They understand that we are turning off our devices – network- during travel and use wifi or offline storage.

    • Kelroy

      I still feel like it could get lower and/or the data cap increased but its good to see the change

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