FLOW Jamaica new Data Plans as FLOW ID, My FLOW App and Streaming Needed

FLOW Jamaica has been experiencing some changes lately, mainly with their Prepaid Service.

Most likely, handling 1 million customers isn’t as easy as it might seem, especially if they all use the services all at once during a big football game, causing an outage as explained in FLOW Jamaica Network Outage due to 1 Million Satisfied Customers.


Prepaid Mobile Data plans, as first listed originally in FLOW Jamaica’s 30-Day Prepaid Mobile Internet gives you 99 cents Plan looked like this:

  • 3 Days $75 75 MB *146*3*1# 75MB to 145
  • 3 Days $200 300 MB *146*3*2# 300MB to 145
  • 7 Days $400 400 MB *146*7*1# 400 MB to 145
  • 7 Days $600 1 GB *146*7*2# 7DAY to 145
  • 15 Days $300 300 MB *146*15# 301 to 145
  • 30 Days $700 750 MB *146*30*2# 302 to 145
  • 30 Days $800 1 GB *146*30*3# 303 to 145
  • 30 Days $1,500 2 GB*146*30*4# 304 to 145

However, as of Saturday August 20th 2016, they now look like this:

  • 3 Days $75 75 MB *146*3*1# 75MB to 145
  • 3 Days $200 300 MB *146*3*2# 300MB to 145
  • 7 Days $400 400 MB *146*7*1# 400 MB to 145
  • 15 Days $300 300 MB *146*15#301 to 145
  • 30 Days $700 750 MB *146*30*2# 302 to 145
  • 30 Days $800 1 GB *146*30*3# 303 to 145
  • 30 Days $1,500 2 GB *146*30*4# 304 to 145

The changes are really obvious; the 3 Day 300 MB now costs JA$200 and there is no longer a $600 7 Days 1 GB data plan. Take a look at the table below from the FLOW Jamaica website.


This normalizes prices to make every megabyte of a Data plan equal to JA$1, much lower than the $45 per Megabyte for accessing Data without a data plan.

Still disappointed, however, that FLOW Jamaica has no modems and hence no unlimited Data as Caricel plan to do when they launch LTE as predicted in FLOW Jamaica and Caricel may launch 4G LTE with Unlimited Data and Family Plans.


Digicel already offers something that may be called unlimited data, albeit aimed at Facebook users as described in Free Digicel Facebook Flex and Free Basic is unlimited Data for Smartphone users.

However, both Digicel and FLOW Jamaica allow you to access GOJ Websites without a data plan or using Credit, potentially heralding the coming of Electronic and Mobile money transactions on these websites as noted in How Jamaicans on FLOW and Digicel access GOJ Websites without a Data Plan.

Expected improvements to Prepaid Data – FLOW ID, My FLOW App, Mobile Money and Free Streaming

Still, I’d love to see true unlimited Data on Wireless Dongles and Modems, as we all don’t live in a house that has a fixed location.


Even better; Free Wi-Fi hotspots at all FLOW Locations and free access to FLOW Horizon Modem Wi-Fi once you’re have the My Flow app and you have a FLOW ID as suggested in FLOW Jamaica FAM Postpaid needs FLOW ID, My FLOW App and Mobile Money.

These Data Plans don’t allow you to enjoy Streaming content, be it YouTube or even coming from FLOW’s own apps in their threadbare App store as listed in FLOW Jamaica App Store needs Game and Business App Developers.  There should also be deeper integration of the Quisk and CONEC Mobile Wallet API into the My Flow App to allow people with these Mobile Wallets to purchase Data Plans.

That needs to change, as Streaming Mobile Social Networks such as Snapchat need Streaming Data Exceptions. Do this, with a condition of applying for a 30 Day Data Plan and the 1 million will become 2 million in a year’s time.


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