FLOW Jamaica MyRoam plans bigger but self-activation abroad still not possible

FLOW Jamaica has certainly improved their Roaming plans.

I admit they were a bit complicated to understand in my article FLOW Jamaica MyRoam Prepaid and Postpaid and Caribbean Roaming Plan.


There are now four (4) Prepaid Roaming plans, all of which are simpler and all of which you activate at the airport just before you step on the airplane:

  • MyRoam Basic
  • MyRoam Max
  • MyRoam Max
  • My Roam Data
  • My Roam Data

But since then, thanks to the ongoing survey, they’ve improved their roaming plans as shown below:

Plan Name Duration Cost Anywhere Text Roaming Minutes  Data (MB) How to activate
(Home and Roaming Country)
MyRoam Basic 7 Days $900 100 *134*1#
MyRoam Max 7 Days $1,000 50 50 50MB *134*2#
MyRoam Max 30 Days $3,200 80 80 250MB *134*4#
My Roam Data 3 Days $500 50MB *134*3#
My Roam Data 7 Days $900 100MB *134*5#

These MyRoam roaming plans have the following benefits:

Other Plan Benefits        
Plan Name Free incoming calls ** Free incoming text Preferential Rates (text, minutes & data) Applicable Roaming Destinations
MyRoam Basic Yes Yes Yes USA & Canada
MyRoam Max Yes Yes Yes USA, Canada and Flow Caribbean*
My Roam Data No Yes No USA, Canada and Flow Caribbean*

Please note that FLOW Jamaica territories include:

  • Anguilla
  • Antigua
  • Barbados
  • BVI
  • Cayman
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • St. Kitts
  • St. Lucia
  • Turks & Caicos
  • St. Vincent
  • Montserrat
  • Bahamas
  • Panama

Once a MyRoam Basic and the MyRoam Max plans are active and the customer has a primary balance greater than zero, Free incoming calls are applicable. So how does roaming for Postpaid customer fare?

Roaming for Postpaid – My Flow app room for improvements

Postpaid roaming now consists of the following plans:

  • MyRoam Voice Bundle
  • MyRoam Data 500MB
  • MyRoam Data 1GB

It looks a lot clearer on a table:

Plan Calls to US/FLOW Minutes* Anywhere Text Incoming Calls Monthly Price
MyRoam Voice Bundle 30 30 FREE USD$19.95

Add to that a dash of MyRoam Data and you can browse on the go!

Plan Mobile Internet Allotment Monthly Price
MyRoam Data 500MB 500MB US$100
MyRoam Data 1GB 1 GB US$150

These are activated by FLOW before the customer leaves; hopefully they’ll change this policy and allow FLOW FAM Postpaid to self-activate via the My FLOW App both in Jamaica and abroad as argued in FLOW Jamaica FAM Postpaid needs FLOW ID, My FLOW App and Mobile Money.

Out-of-Plan rates for Postpaid customers as listed below.

Calls within the US Calls to Calls to Incoming Text Mobile Internet
FLOW Countries * other Countries Calls
US$0.35 US$0.49 US$0.99 FREE US$0.19 US$0.49/MB

So roaming has improved; now if they could only make it so that you can add credit and self-activate when overseas, then Roaming would be used by more people travelling abroad.

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Here’s the link:

FLOW Jamaica Roaming

FLOW Store in Jamaica

FLOW Jamaica Website

FLOW Jamaica Twitter Feed: @FLOWJamaica

FLOW Jamaica Facebook Page

FLOW Jamaica YouTube Channel


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