FLOW Jamaica FAM Postpaid needs FLOW ID, My FLOW App and Mobile Money

For Postpaid customers at FLOW Jamaica, support has been hard in coming.

Despite achieving 1 million customers as noted in How Flow Jamaica celebrated 1 million customers with a 99 cents FAM Plan, the majority of FLOW’s customers are Prepaid. So as a Postpaid customer, it’s easy to feel left out.

FAM Postpaid 06

Well that’s all set to change with a recent rebranding of their FLOW MyPlan Base Plan and Bolt-On for Postpaid which I’d struggled to get a grip of in my early outing Flow Jamaica’s MyPlan Base Plan is Postpaid with Bolt-On Benefits.

FLOW MyPlan Base Plan has been grandfathered to FAM Postpaid and has some sweet benefits!


Yes, you read that right and it’s the same on the FLOW Jamaica website which now lists three (3) new FAM Plans, with FAM Standing for Free Anywhere Minutes.

  • JA$1199 + GCT Per Month FAM Basic
  • JA$2399 + GCT Per Month FAM Premium
  • JA$3500 + GCT Per Month FAM Ultra

Huawei Y3 II or a Nokia Lumina 635 free once you sign up to a FAM Premium Plan and a Motorola Moto G or Sony Xperia M4 Aqua free once you sign up to an Ultra Postpaid plan. The Table below makes it all clear for those confused by these words.

FAM Postpaid 01

The MyMinutes, MyData and MyText Bolt-on have all been scrapped and replaced with the options listed above. Apparently, texting is so 90’s, so it got the boot. So what else has changed?

FAM Postpaid – Internet Plans, Blackberry Plans and International Calling Plans are all the rage

As for the Bolt-ons, nothing has change much, really. Internet Plans, Blackberry Plans and International Calling Plans are still all the rage with customers and are basically the same as I’d mentioned in Flow Jamaica’s MyPlan Base Plan is Postpaid with Bolt-On Benefits.

Here are the Internet Plans, still with no unlimited option for Modem Dongles.

FAM Postpaid 02

Here are the Blackberry Plans, still with no unlimited option to allow users to use their Blackberry as a Modem.

FAM Postpaid 03

Finally the International Calling Plans, which still restrict you to calling China, India, USA, Canada and landlines in the UK and Spain at low rates with WorldPak International Calling Plans and which you still have to activate by calling customer care at 1-800-804-2994.

FAM Postpaid 04

I personally though all these functions would have been placed on their MyFLOW App, but apparently that doesn’t work as advertised; in fact most of the Apps in their Mobile App Store on their smartphone-unfriendly website don’t work at all as I’d observed in FLOW Jamaica App Store needs Game and Business App Developers.

At least their Postpaid Plus, a perk for existing customers on iPhone and UltraPak plans with the exception of UltraPak Basic, offers some reprieve:

  • $1.99 rate to local FLOW mobiles
  • $2.99 rate to landlines and mobiles in USA, Canada and landlines in the UK
  • $2.99 rate to other local mobile network, FLOW and other landlines
  • Free unlimited FLOW to FLOW calls from 8pm-7:59am, each day Mondays to Thursdays
  • FREE unlimited FLOW to FLOW calls on the weekend from 8pm on Fridays to 7:59am on Mondays

I suspect those are the changes in a nutshell. But what can FLOW Jamaica do to increase their Postpaid customer base?

FAM Postpaid – FLOW ID with My FLOW App to make Postpaid Profitable

Personally, I’d just make each service cost JA$999 per month more than the other, once customers have had an excellent track record of paying their bill on time.  I’d also upgrade the My FLOW App to handle Postpaid as well as Prepaid.

I’d also enable auto-pay with FLOW Jamaica being able to withdraw money directly from your bank account. Additionally, I’d build in the API for Mobile Money platform NCB Quisk into the My FLOW App as described in NCB’s Quisk Mobile Money off to a good start in Jamaica, making it possible for FAM Postpaid customers to pay your FLOW Bill via the App or purchase Credit if you’re a Prepaid customer.

As an additional perk, I’d make it possible for any FAM Prepaid Customer to use any FLOW Horizon Wi-Fi for free once they’re within proximity at no extra charge. Finally, all customers, be they prepaid or Postpaid need to be given a FLOW ID via the My FLOW App.

FAM Postpaid 05

This would make it easier for them to identify themselves as owners of their Smartphone once they call 100 for Customer Care support. Customer Care could also use the My FLOW App to remotely access the phone and fix problems on the smartphone, once they’re near to any FLOW Horizon Wi-Fi.

In summary, FLOW Jamaica should focus on giving FAM Postpaid customer more perks i.e. promotions and prizes using the FLOW ID in tandem with the My FLOW App rather than trying to make profit from Postpaid. Once they’ve build up their Postpaid customer up to at least 90% of the 1 million customers, they can then focus on enticing customers to their pricier plans in order to begin to make money from their significantly larger family of customers.

Jamaican customers are averse to paying a bill like any customer in the first world. But by making it into a game with the FLOW ID and the My FLOW App, they stand a better chance of increasing their Postpaid Customer Base and eventually making profit in the long run.

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