First Impressions of Guild Wars 2

I pre-purchased Guild Wars 2 in mid April after following its development over many months. After playing a couple of the betas I grew to like the game more and more as I started to believe in Arenanet’s vision of an MMO without the “trinity” (tank, healer DPS) where it wasn’t about a mad dash to the level cap for raiding or waiting around for new content every few months because you have done it all, being overwhelmed by all the buttons to press or having the gear you spent months acquiring be useless right as you managed to acquire it. There are many reasons why Guild Wars 2 is a great MMO – it is free, it has a huge world to explore, vastly different races, classes (professions) and starting zones and an acceptance to all play styles and gaming times. Most important feature of all? Guild Wars 2 is free and that was the main reason I decided to give it whirl.

Adventuring with my Guardian and my Warrior

I jumped joined into the game int o early hours of Saturday Morning (August 25) and created my two characters a Norn Guardian and a Human Warrior. I created only two because I don’t want to stretch my limited playtime between too many toons but wanted to the ability to jump unto a different toon if I grew tired of one or wanted to try something new in a different zone. So far I am loving the my two characters for different reasons. I like the versatility and damage output of my warrior especially in structured PvP but I like the Norn starting area while doing PvE on my hammer wielding Guardian.

So much to do

I have tried my best to dabble in a bit of everything, crafting, PvE, World vs World PvP, structured PvP, exploration, dynamic events and more. Indeed that is the biggest draw to Guild Wars 2, it feels like there is so much to see and do in Tyria that it is overwhelming but in a good way. You can definitely tell that the game was designed to be social by a team with vast experience with massively multiplayer online games.

Dynamic World

The world really is alive with dynamic events, quests, NPCs class quests and other features that is a welcome feature in MMOs. Within minutes of joining the game I ran across a rampaging bull who knocked over some bee hives which caused irate bees to go on the attack, then after cleaning up that mess I ran into pack of bandits attacking a dam with explosives, I was unable to stop the attack and then had to help the villages repair the damaged dam.

I recommend Guild Wars 2

3 days since quick start release with about 12 hours playtime under my belt I can sincerely say that Guild Wars 2 is a game I’d recommend not only casual or hardcore MMO players but any computer gamer looking for something new and fresh to play.

Follow my adventures in Tyria

Guild Wars 2 has now launched officially to everyone, I will be making frequent posts related to my adventures in Tyria including screenshots, videos as I progress… albeit slowly with school and work but I hope you will find time to game as well. If you decide to play Guild Wars too, please join me on, I am the server “Tarnished Coast“, feel free to send me a message using my account name “Infidel.8536” or tweet me @Geezam.

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