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EA Sports FIFA Superstars is is new flash based Facebook game released just in time to take advantage of the buzz surrounding the 2010 FIFA World Cup which Starts on June 11th in South Africa. The game comes from Playfish, who specializes in social network games, the company was acquired by Electronic Arts in November 2009 and have created many popular games such as Pet Society and Restaurant City.

ea sports fifa superstars facebook game

FIFA Superstars is a game that allows players to play against friends and computer profiles in flashy, predetermined soccer games. It combines various genres but is basically a trading card game which rewards players with experience and coins for advancing through the game. An actual match in FIFA Superstars does not involve the player controlling his players on the pitch like a typical FIFA game would but instead matches are predetermined and are stats based with flashy animations and drama being used to entertain the players as a match goes on.

Sadly these animations are repetitive and get boring after the first couple views. The presentation of the game overall is very well done, menus and other navigational elements are top notch. The main menu and it’s different functions are explained below:

  • Play – Choose a league and play matches.
  • Manage – Change players, formations, buy and sell players
  • Trade – Not available at the time of the write-up but it is obvious what feature it will bring
  • Stadium – Stadium upgrades, coaching and training
  • Training – Choose a training regiment to keep your team in top form.
  • Store – Buy new players, coaches, stadium upgrades and match credits buy using real cash.

Predict World Cup Games for prizes

The FIFA Wordcup Calendar is a feature that allows players to predict the results for the actually FIFA 2010 World Cup with FIFA World Cup points being awarded which can be used to redeem various prizes in games such as coins and extra players.

Click here to give FIFA Superstars a try on Facebook.

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