Facebook Messenger – The Mobile Messaging App to rule them all

Watch out Blackberry Messenger, SMS, GroupMe and even Google+ with it’s “Huddle” feature – there might be a new messaging sheriff riding into town. Facebook has announced a new standalone mobile messaging app that allows users to have chat room-style group conversations with other Facebook users and even share your location and photos.

Users who do not have the Facebook Messenger App installed on their phone will get messages to their inbox without knowing the difference while those with the application will get notifications or texts directly to their phone. At the time of this blog post Facebook Messenger was not available to the masses yet but sty tuned to the official page if you wish to nab it when it gets released officially.

Google+ had done something similar with their mobile app and seperated the “huddle” feature to a standalone app and icon to facilitate quick access but with Facebook having a much larger audience it will be interesting to see which the two apps become dominant and if the myriad of other smaller players like Whatsapp, Digsby, Kik Messenger and Pingchat survive.

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