Facebook is Growing Strong with 1.15 Billion Active users in the Second Quarter of 2013

“Facebook is the largest image-sharing site on the Internet, and images represent the largest source of data usage on Facebook,”

Excerpt from a report by Internet.org on the popularity of Facebook in September 2013

On Monday September 18th 2013, Internet.org released some interesting stats about Big Blue (Facebook not IBM people!) that should get Photo crazed Facebook and snap happy Instagram lovers excited:

  • 250 billion photos have been uploaded to Facebook since their inception

  • 350 million photos are uploaded every day on average

  • 4.75 billion items shared on Facebook all over the world, including status updates, wall posts, photos, videos, and comments

  • 4.5 billion Likes are unleashed into the Facebook on a daily basis

  • 10 billion messages are sent on the Facebook on a daily basis

Facebook recent Shareholder Earnings Meeting in July 2013  for the Second Quarter of 2013 revealed that despite the challenge from Google+ Facebook is still growing! The Second Quarter Numbers for Facebook are smoking:

  • 1.15 billion Monthly active users

  • 669 million daily active users

  • 819 million mobile monthly active users

  • 219 million Facebook’s mobile-only user count

This is best illustrated with a nice Graph showing the MAU (Monthly Average Users) first as an aggregate and then broken down by Region:

Facebook is Growing Strong with 1.15 Billion Active users in the Second Quarter of 2013

Facebook is Growing Strong with 1.15 Billion Active users in the Second Quarter of 2013 2

In June 2013, Facebook saw the following metrics:

  • 469 million on average Mobile daily active users

  • 20 billion minutes of usage per day for all Facebook members

  • 17.39 minutes per day per user or 8.3 hours per user per month

Here’s the part that holders of stock in Facebook will love. For the Second Quarter of 2013 Facebook saw:

  • US$1.81B in revenue

  • 41% of Revenue was mobile ad revenue

  • US$1.60 APRU (Average Revenue Per User) Worldwide

  • US$$0.63 APRU (Average Revenue Per User) for “Rest of the World”

The graph illustrates Facebook’s Money making Machines is making dough, just not increasing profits, with the majority still coming from the Advertising! This is the problem that shareholders are having with Facebook; no real revenue from sales, just Ad based revenue driven by their popularity which may fade as Mobile Social Networks such as WhatsApp arise as prognosticated in How to use WhatsApp on your Computer!

Facebook is Growing Strong with 1.15 Billion Active users in the Second Quarter of 2013 3

Facebook is clearly poised for growth in the rest of the world as cheaper smartphones will increase their Mobile Computing based ad revenue. To achieve this, they must develop a solid Strategy for Mobile, which they are yet to do as I’d suggested in How to add Emoticons to your Facebook posts and as explained in my list:

  1. Make a Mobile OS i.e. Facebook OS

  2. Design their own hardware, be it a smartphone or Tablet

  3. Work with Microsoft to integrate Facebook into their products

  4. Improve their partner Microsoft’s IE (Internet Explorer) 11 Browser integration of Facebook

  5. Develope their Apps and Gaming portfolio for Tablets, Desktop and smartphones

Simple as that! It thus explains why Facebook has revamped their Developer Tools for creating Advertisements making it easy for anyone to create ads. Earlier this year they created FBX (Facebook Exchange) a system that tracks your Browser habits on other websites outside of Facebook using Browser cookies while users are logged into Facebook, thereby giving FB a more accurate picture of what you’re doing while on FB .

Facebook then offers partners the chance to then use that info to sell targeted advertising. But at the time of the announcement they curiously didn’t include Google. Well, in a blush of common-sense and pragmatism, they’re finally announced on Friday October 18th 2013 that Google’s Cookie munching Ad unit, Doubleclick, the folks that started this cookie targeted ad business to place Facebook Ads via using their data from FBX.

Thus it makes sense for any Blog administrator to have a Facebook Comments as well as Fan Widget installed on their page as the Geezam blog does. Facebook is Growing Strong like House Tyrell in Game of Thrones! Even if it means allowing Google to pay the Gold Price in exchange for Facebook’s good Dornish wine via allowing them to place ads through Facebook!

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