Facebook 11,000 army chatbots with buttons as AI need Common Sense

Facebook chatbots now number some 11,000 in Messenger, placed on offer for brands and advertisers to suggest products in Messenger conversations.

Not to mention bribe us with free pizza and KFC to buy their products while you play Facebook’s addictive basketball, football and yes Chess mini-games as I’d pointed out in How FB Messenger Ads means Chess playing Chatbots with Fast Food Coupons!

However, these chatbots are yet to master the subtle art of smalltalk, as the odd conversation below demonstrates.

Facebook gives 11,000 army chatbots buttons as AI learn Common Sense (1)

To solve this problem, which requires common sense to be taught to AI, Facebook has implemented a very quaint measure familiar to users of chatbots back in the 90’s; Buttons.

Buttons, you say!?

Facebook chatbots get buttons – Army of 11,000 bots need clear directions

Albeit the chatbots are AI designed to understand Text queries made within the Messenger platform, they still have a great difficulty interpreting what people actually mean, especially as it relates to the context of the conversation. So buttons help to get straight to the point, very reminiscent of Kik’s Blynk-based chatbots!

Facebook gives 11,000 army chatbots buttons as AI learn Common Sense (2)

Facebook had made much of their chatbots back at the F8 conference, they still were not clear as to what commands triggered which bots. To this end they ran into problems from early with people not known what commands worked with which bots, something easily lost if you have sand army of 11,000 bots.

This cause many to abandon using bots in the early days and go back to the tried and true web and app interfaces that were so straightforward.

Facebook chatbots get buttons – AI to learn common sense from listening to SMS and Voicemails

So it’s back to buttons again, as the bot takeover of apps as predicted in How FB Messenger Ads means Chess playing Chatbots with Fast Food Coupons  has been averted…for now.

I suspect that this is only a temporary measure being as they are capable of reading your emails and SMS and thus able to learn as pointed out in Facebook Messenger reads Text Messages as Voicemails may be next.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on stage at the F8 2015 developer conference talking about the Messenger Platform.

It won’t be long before facebook’s engineer’s devise a way to make the AI learn common sense and have the capability to hold small talk before pushing their products on me or supplying me with information on the weather carte blance.

Oh, and remember, bribing millennial and teenagers with free pizza, KFC and Burger King Coupons always works wonders!

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