F1rst aims to be Caribbean Technology Trailblazer

F1rst is an internet service that is offering location-based service targeted at businesses and consumers in the Caribbean. The aim is to create a web-based service indigenous to the Caribbean that is focused on the power of the internet and providing commercial benefit by connecting consumers to businesses and businesses to consumers. Through a massive collaborative effort combining primarily Caribbean based talent, F1rst Media Ltd. aims to be a truly Caribbean brand focused on the Caribbean citizen and visitors to the Caribbean primarily.

F1rst Media Group COO Kiev Wilkie

Personally I am impressed with the scope of F1rst, the planning that has gone into the service and will continue to follow the its development over the weeks, months and years to come. At first glance many will think of F1rst as a localized lovechild of Fourquare and Yelp but after demoing the service and learning about the company’s plans for expansion I am starting to believe in the service and team behind the product.

F1rst – Connecting you with experiences you love and need

Look out for more about F1rst here on Geezam.com. I’ll be spending the next few weeks using the platform and understanding the ins and outs of the service which has already launched in Trinidad and Tobago with an official launch for Jamaica and Barbados coming in Early February.

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  • Olivia

    Thank you for sharing this, its a good post & quite interesting. I’m learning with you and look forward to your future posts regarding this internet service

  • I think this business venture has great potential… From the consumer point of view, I hope they will be able to maintain quality and the detail and follow-up required on each business/establishment. Congratulations to this young and vibrant team!

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