Elder Scrolls Online Starts Accepting Beta Signups, Releases new Cinematic trailer

There have been a lot of massively multiplayer online role-playing games released in recent years some bigger and more successful than others. The biggest release of 2011 was Star Wars: The Old Republic followed by Guild Wars 2 in 2012. After many years f development it looks like the big MMO release of 2013 will be Elder Scrolls online, after being teased small bits of news over the past year a well received  introduction video Elder Scrolls online is now in the home stretch and at the point where today it welcomed interested players to sign up to become beta testers.

Beta testing is a very important step in the development life of a MMORPG and may will argue than a MMORPG is never truly finished as even after release frequent, patches, updates and balancing occurs to ensure than game continue to run smoothly.

Unlike most other beta sign ups however where you toss you name into a hat and hope for the best the ESO dev team asking applicant to fill out a form that asks a variety of questions ranging from computer specs, to experience with other MMORPGs, other Elder Scrolls games and your location. Beta testing is expected to start “soon” so sign up early if you are interested. Geezam.com will be following the Elder Scrolls Online and hope we get accepted for one or more of the early beta tests!

To sign up for the Elder Scrolls Line beta visit signup.elderscrollsonline.com

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