Editorial: Tech/Gadgets to watch in 2014

Steam Machine by Valve – Kemory Grubb

For 2014, my prediction for gadget/technology of the year, will be the Steam Machine by Valve. The hardware specs, the controller, the operating system, the price, the content delivery platform and company behind it all. All these reasons are more than enough to justify my choice but i will single out the most important reason why i think it will succeed – the competition. Current-gen game consoles such as the Xbox One or the PS4 can’t compete against a platform that uses regular PC hardware. Imagine swapping out the video card of a store bought game console with a store bought video card. That’s a win.

Are these the drones you are looking for? – Lindsworth Deer

Skycam Jamaica Aerial and Video Photography business flourishes in Jamaica as I’d reported in “Skycam Jamaica Aerial Photography marks possible Revival of Package Delivery in the Jamaica Postal Service”. A huge signpost for the future, as it suggests a whole lot more; Package Deliveries under 30 minutes islandwide. Amazon got the memo and Amazon PrimeAir made its debut on CBS 60 Minutes with CEO Jeff Bezos predicting Drones delivering packages in the next four to five years, assuming the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) plays nice.

The other package deliver guys catch the gist; they have plans of their own, but mainly to reduce the cost of logistics between their Package Distribution Centers [read with voice of a Dalek: “exterminate! Exterminate! People from Deliveries”]. The usages for Drones will certainly explode in the next few years, as Deliveries aren’t the only thing they can do. But what has caught my interest is that this proposed usage Drone marks the rise of the Internet of Things as I’d opined in NFC and M2M – Cashless Society and the Internet of Things.

Surprising how comfortable we as humans are becoming with the idea that machines can talk to each other over our various Telecoms Networks as noted in The Internet of Things – Our AI’s State of Connectedness and do work for us. Google notices this and hence their push into robotics and deliveries via full-autonomous Vehicles. Interesting to see how close to the Jetsons we’ll get…and when we’ll all have personal Drones and Robots as the next big thing replacing Tablets which are already killing everything How the Apple iPad killed Ultrabooks, Printing and the Mouse as the World Rediscovers Tablets!

NVidia 192 Core GPU – Horace Cunningham

Nvidia’s announcement of a 192 Core mobile GPU, comparable to the GTX Titan PC GPU, has set a lot of interesting things to look out for in the tech scene in 2014. A GPU this powerful in a small device such as a mobile phone will put these tiny devices on par or close to future gaming consoles. Nvidia had pretty much declared war on consoles when it said that the future for gaming will be mobile based and this will rival consoles in the marketplace in terms of quality and ease of development. This is definitely a tech to look out for in 2014.
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