Droplet Robotic Watering System is A Green Thumb’s companion to the Miimo Lawnmower

Slowly but surely the Robots are taking over ….at least in the Garden. Remember the Miimo, Honda’s Robotic Lawnmower that make mulch out of grass as explained in Honda debuts their first practical robot, the Miimo – Where AI meets the Real World? Now comes the Droplet Robotic Water System that waters your plants with the precision of a guided missile!

Just in time for the Drought season in Jamaica pre-Hurricane Season, albeit the price for this level of Garden Customization, albeit making you the envy of your friends, will also set you back US$300 on Amazon!

Say what! For a sprinkler?!

At US$300, the Droplet Robotic Water System is a bit on the pricey side. Nothing more than an attachment to your Garden Hose, it basically has a built-in targeting system that strategically targets your plants and shoots jets of water directly at the plant, watering anything within a 30 ft radius.

You just hook it up to the garden hose and then configure the Droplet Robotic Water System using the Tablet or Smartphone app!

It’s configurable based on:

  • Where to water

  • How much to water

  • What pattern to water

  • The Weather, opting not to water the plants after a shower

This I personally find impressive: it can even fill your pet’s Watering bowl! Clever algorithm indeed that it can recognize the difference between your plants and your pet’s Drinking Bowl!

This gadget is a must have for your garden albeit I’m not so sure I’d spend US$300 when I could easily do as shown in the picture below, which to me is advanced technology meets recycling!

Droplet Robotic Watering System is A Green Thumb's companion to the Miimo Lawnmower

Still, if it’s anything like the Sphero Robotic Ball as described in The Apple iPhone as a Remote – The R2-D2 Effect of Orbotic’s Sphero Robotic Ball then it’s a continuation of the same trend of Gadgets that are controllable by your smart device, be it a Tablet or a smartphone.

But its water saving capabilities are much to be admired, as it’s like having a Drip Irrigation System that stays in one place and can water your plants 30 ft away! Get the price down a bit though, as I’m not so crazy about wasting US$300 on Amazon on another Gadget that might not work forever, especially after being exposed to water for prolonged periods. Says about US$99 and I’ll ditch my home-made sprinkler faster than you can say “Summer Time”!

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