Dragon Nest – A pretty decent action MMO

Hey techie boys and girls. If your the type that is into action-based MMO’s, then Dragon Nest is a must play to satisfy that hunger. Firstly, let me give you the trailer for the game as it is right now. Mind you, it says the game is in open beta, but not to worry, that will change within the next few weeks. I must say that I have been enjoying my play time in it as I am now at max level , which is 24. I am just anticipating the level cap increase which will be rolled out in the next few days.

Lets talk about some of the features in this game:


There are four main classes that the game offers: Warrior, Cleric, Archer and Sorceress. These classes can be further broken down into eight subclasses (through class advancement quests). Description for the classes can be found here. Please note, class breakdown is not available until you reach level 15 and have completed the class advancement quest.

Quest System:

As with all MMO’s out there, Dragon Nest is not lacking in this department. With over 100 side quests alone including NPC (Non Playable Character), Commission Board and NPC Friendship; not to mention the storyline quests, there is NO WAY in a million years would you be bored. Now mind you, if you rather not do any quests but to grind your way to the level cap (which will increase to level 32 by the 18th of October, up from 24) by all means go ahead. I would not recommend that however as quests net you a HUGE exp bonus as well as some decent rewards.

Character Customization:

Remember when I said you can choose your class, then choose your subclass. Well as you would have guessed, each class comes with a unique skill-set that will appeal to each type of player. If you like up close and personal, in your face, all up in the kool-aid and remembering the flavor type of fighting, then Warrior would be for you. If you prefer to rain down the fiery or icy death upon your foes, then Sorceress is the definite choice. If your a more team oriented person, Cleric is your choice and finally, if you love staying out of the fray, and shooting the living daylights out of enemies, go Archer.

Each class has its own weapons, armor, accessories (in the form of jewels or plates you can equip to give stat boosts) as well as a gear enhancement system that allows you to add bonus stats to everything you can equip gear-wise to increase damage output, defense and other stats.

Final Thoughts:

In the past few weeks, I have been playing the game, become apart of a guild (or clan for those that do not know) comprising of fellow Jamaicans that play as well. Cursed it for some of the dungeons are difficult if played incorrectly, loved it for allowing me to get my present gear to look half-way decent.

If you wish to join me and other Jamaicans in this great game, download it and register for an account here. We are on the Westwood server, so if you would like to join the guild, message Zerokev (thats me 😀 )

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