How to download Complete Websites For Offline Access and Backup

Backing up a website is a very painful experience. But keeping a backup of your website is a very necessary task. Plus it doesn’t have to be as lot of software option exist that you can take advantage.

Also you may not just be doing it for backup purposes. You may want to copy the code of a popular website by seeing how their CSS/HTML files are structured. For this reason, I’ve gathered 5 tools which you can use to easily download any website right to your local PC.

These programs are straightforward enough that you can begin downloading an entire website in minutes and are as follows:




Cyotek WebCopy   

Wikipedia Dumps

Using these programs and you’ll be able to download any website, authentication or no authentication.

The WikiPedia Dumps is especially of interest to users of the free Wikipedia resource, especially if you are a Digicel of FLOW Jamaica users as noted in Wikimedia Foundation partners with Digicel for Wikipedia Zero.

So feeling the urge to download a website? You might consider one of these programs next time!!


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