Disruptive Technology

With this series I don’t set out to be the bearer of novel solutions or brilliant ideas but just to spark conversations and thinking that could potentially lead to solutions, ideas and ways forward to potentially get these issues addressed.

We have to be Progressive and Adaptive vs Conservative and Responsive. In a society where mechanical/lack of innovative ways are looked for in solving basic issues, we have to start some discourse among the population which then will permeate through the economy, organizations or the country.

The Apple’s or Google’s of this world are continuing to push the edges of what is reality and what we deemed as fiction. Things 5 – 10 years ago which we would laugh at as fiction or fairy tail has in some way has become reality.

  • Drones
  • “Artificial Intelligence( Siri, Google Assistant etc)
  • Autonomous Driving Vehicles
  • Augmented Reality

A vast majority of our Jamaican population and potentially the Caribbean basin are still not mentally prepared to;

  1. Grasp these concepts and have a vague understanding of them.
  2. Apply/Use these concepts or theories within Jamaica and our respective communities situations.
  3. Create product and services that utilizes these concepts.

The statement has been made it’s time for Jamaica to become more than just mere consumers of technology/innovations but producers of technology and innovative ideas.

We need to catch up with the world and I think the government in Jamaica for example is the perfect vehicle to drive this type of thinking. Our future depends on it!!

I believe our governments has the financial stability to withstand the teething pains that these systems and new way of thinking will need to thrive on especially in the incubation or pilot phases and this would definitely de-risk and enable entrepreneurs to venture outside of their comfort zone and flourish on these new ideas.

If we look at more developed countries ambitious people aren’t afraid of trying new ideas, concepts, technology and industries, because;

  • They embrace disruption: Think how quickly businesses and products come and go in today’s business environment. Products that were a premium consumer good just a decade ago have since vanished. Without disruption we would still be using telegrams instead on smartphones.
  • They encourage breaking rules: Most of us have grown up hearing that we should follow the rules. The issue is that following the rules is what has gotten us where we are and we are indeed grateful but to move forward we need to break the old archaic rules and who knows maybe make new rules for our own unique situations.
  • They respect failing: Their systems has fail safes/fall backs to give basic support if you fail/ become bankrupt or in poverty. Ofcourse, we are in no situation to do this but until we reach this juncture government and private organizations should try to evolve and foster an environment as such.

There are other ways to drive innovation feel free to do some light reading you may start here https://www.processexcellencenetwork.com/innovation/articles/10-key-dimensions-to-driving-a-culture-of

Every country has unique trends and ideas so no one idea or trend can necessarily work exactly the same here so who better that ourselves to develop and evolve it.

There are a few industries where I see we are lacking or lagging behind for reasons based on my observation centered around lack of innovation and lack of new technology but as said before let’s start the dialogue.

Stay tuned for my next post where I want to zone in on various industries that needs some technological disruption.

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Hola! Im a software developer/business analyst by day and a product strategist by night. Have a passion for helping persons actualizing their ideas whether through software or research. The main vision I have for contributing to this blog is to shed some light on how we can bring software in the Caribbean to the modern century which focuses on the user and how to make their usage seamless, logical yet secure. Enjoy..