Digital Jam 3.0 Caribbean App Competition

The Government of Jamaica in collaboration with The World Bank, the Caribbean Development Bank, the OECS Secretariat, Microsoft, other partners from the Caribbean private sector and international development community, have launched Digital Jam 3.0 “Caribbean edition” – ‘The Future of Work is Digital’.


Digital Jam 3.0 “Caribbean edition” includes Apps Competitions, awareness workshops on micro-work and e-lancing opportunities and a final Caribbean that will include key notes from Inspirational Speakers, Networking opportunities and the final phase of the Apps Competition. The final event will take place in Kingston, Jamaica on March 1-2, 2014; youths from all over the Caribbean will attend.

The goal of Digital Jam 3.0 “Caribbean edition” is to promote Caribbean youth employment via opportunities in the virtual economy and entrepreneurship, by showcasing their talent and big ideas; introducing them to trends, training and success stories and connecting them to jobs.

Consequently, Caribbean and international investors, young start-up companies, and the wider youth population can be part of Digital Jam 3.0 “Caribbean edition”.

Digital Jam 3.0 “Caribbean edition” is being staged against the background that unemployment affects a large number of Caribbean’s youth in all socio-economic segments of the population – from low skilled to the secondary and tertiary educated.

Digital Jam 3.0 “Caribbean edition” – ‘The Future of Work is Digital”: BE PART OF IT!

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    (December 27, 2013 - 7:47 pm)

    This sounds like an awesome event & it should definitely attract a crowd. It will be very interesting to see what apps concepts will be created & presented. This sounds like a good opportunity for young people to really get their creative juices going & branch out instead of just taking the traditional route regarding employment. I’d definitely attend just to learn, listen & network. Thank you for sharing!

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